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Bekal Tourism

Bekal Tourism

A small town is Bekal in the Kasaragod district on the West coast of the Kerala state. It has begun to inspire the imagination of intrepid travelers from around the globe with its exhilarating water sports, massive oceanfront fort, golden beaches and picturesque backwaters. Bekal is a wonderful town replete with legends and myths which will pique your interest to walk around this majestic destination which is located in Kasaragod district in North Kerala bordering Karnataka. One of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala is Bekal which is much famed for its forts, beaches and backwaters overlooking the shimmering Arabian Sea. Quite unparallel is the allure of this place with unending vast natural landscape and a majestic coastline which is relatively untouched.

This scheduled destination in North Kerala boasts of various natural places and attractions to visit which is known as “God’s own country”. It was an important maritime center back then which is ruled by the most powerful feudal kingdom in the past. This place is famous for its picturesque beauty and grabs the attention of visitors from unique places which makes is a perfect tourist spot. Bekal is also far- famed for its striking beaches which are apart from all such attractions and grand fort. During the vacation, Bekal is a fascinating place to visit as you can take rejuvenates yourself and happiness of nature. You’ll have a beautiful experience exploring this beach with exciting attractions all around so plan for a Bekal trip.

A best spot to begin the exploration of the majestic Malabar Coast is Bekal which attracts hundreds of tourists. Considered as a big affair in the towns of Northern Kerala, a ritual dance, visiting this place in January and March month will bring lots of enjoyment and fun as you’ll get a glance of ‘Theyyam performance’. You don’t miss the famous drink ‘Payasam’ which offered by the Bekal people during your visit to Bekal.


Bekal Fort
The fort stands in its full grandeur and glory which is narrating a story of its past. The largest fort in Kerala is Bekal Fort. A historic fort surrounded by a pretty beach which offers captivating views of the Arabian Sea is Bekal Fort which is snuggled in the lap of nature. The key feature of this fort is a water tank with a flight of steps. From its high observation tower where once the cannons were placed, a historic fort which surrounded by a pretty beach offering an enchanting view of Arabian Sea is Bekal Fort which nestle in the lap of nature. The observation tower was safeguard the fort against enemies and strategically important to keep an eye on intruders in the past. It was declared as the special tourism area in the 1992 year by the Indian Government which is located in the Bekal Village of Kasaragod district of Kerala. The water tank with its flight of steps is one of the most important among these.

Bekal Beach
Majestic seashore in the Kasaragod in “Own Country of God” is Bekal Beach of Kerala. One of the cleanest beaches in Kerala is Bekal Beach. Its beach is one of the most famous attractions. Tourists visit the beach for its calmness and splendor from all over the world. A perfect destination for a day- long picnic is Bekal Beach. A scenic view is the view of the beach from the top of the fort. The great place to spend time with family and friends is Beak Beach. From all over the world for its serenity and beauty, the beach stretches over an area of 36 acres which is located in the Kasaragod. Managed under the Social Forestry Scheme are the wonderful beach and the attractions nearby. Bekal beach is covered with white sand. You will find all sorts of splendid shells walking along the seashore. Get the great panoramic view of the site and linked by a walkway which allows visitors to explore the coast is the coastline.

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park
An adventure park is the Bekal Hole Aqua Park which offers many forms of water rides to its visitors which is located in vicinity to the northern side of the Bekal Fort. An ideal place to visit is the Hole Aqua Park, during your stay in Bekal, for those who looking forward to indulging in adventurous water ride. Visiting these park tourists can find water cycles and pedal boasts and also enjoy several ride of water. Visitors can also enjoy their ride with several unique light weighted canoes along with pedal boats. This place is well known for its kind in Malabar north. Grant of Aqua Park a long day relaxation with the chill extends of the backwaters.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters
One of the famous tourist locations in the destination is Valiyaparamba Backwaters which is fed by various islands and four rivers. One of the most picturesque in Kerala is Valiyamparamba Backwaters. It is a must for every traveler to cruise on the Valiyamparamba Backwaters to experience the magical waves of the Bekal clouds, the splendid landscapes and backwaters. One of the fishing centers where boat cruises are also available is the site which is famous as it. This would just be a perfect experience which exploring this exciting and absolutely wonderful. The third largest backwaters in Kerala and the largest backwaters in North Kerala is Valiyaparamba Backwaters.

Nityanand Ashram Caves
A group of forty- five caves which located in the heart of Hosdurg are Nityananda Ashram Caves. Nityanand Ashram Caves have six entrances and were carved out of a single rock in which the three entrances face towards west and other three faces towards east. A set of 45 caves which contains the panchaloha sculpture of Swami Nityananda are popularly known as Nityanad Ashram. Known to have carved out of a single rock features six entrances are these caves which is an exemplifying skilled craftsmanship and recognized as an international spiritual center. The sculpture of Swami Nityananda is the main attraction of these caves. Recognized as the international spiritual center and considered ideal for performing meditation that is the site.

Chandragiri Fort
This fort lies in the Kasaragod district of North Kerala and is protected under State Archaeology Department which is built by Sivappa Nayak of Bedanore in the 17th century. Chandragiri Fort is situated near the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Payaswini River. This place is visited by locals as well as tourists to enjoy the majestic views of the estuarine which the Payaswini River forms with the Arabian Sea which is full of historical and inventive significance. It offers a majestic sight to behold which is flanked by mangroves and coconut on both sides. Your best bet is the Chandragiri Fort if you want an unconventional and a lazy way to spend a free evening while on the trip near Kasaragod or Bekal. Nothing short of a perfect frame for a photographer who wants to capture the nature’s unembellished beauty is the sunset from atop.

Kappil Beach
This beach is popular for its clear blue waters and soft golden sand of the Arabian Sea which is located at a distance of about 15 km from Kasaragod. Sure to mesmerize you is the scenic location of the beach. One of the wonderful tourist attractions is the Kappil Beach. The great thing to do is to soak and walk in all natural beauty which is widely spread across you if you want to explore the beauty and serenity of this faultless beach. The charming shades of the evening sky and a perfect location to watch sunsets are the enrapturing beach. One of those places which haven’t been commercialized is Kappil Beach which making an ideal place for a picnic or two in quiet solitude or to spend a day. You may want to stay ou of the waters then the sea usually has strong currents.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
The only lake temple is Ananthapura in Kerala which is open to all visitors. Anantha Padmanabha Swami’s the temple comprises of the Moolasthana. The temple also has a small pond which surrounded by the porch called Chuttambalam throughout the year that’s filled with water. To discover the charm of the famous Ananthapura Lake Temple this is one of the many things to do in Bekal. The statue is seated on the serpent Adisesha god and travelers have got to visit this temple on their trip to Kerala being one of the popular avatars of Lord Vishnu. The 7 idols in the temple are made of a mixture of 64 ayurvedic medicines and in an isolated place is Ananthapura Lake Temple. The guardian crocodile Babia is an interesting feature of this temple.

Hosdurg Beach
A perfect place to explore with friends and family is Hosdurg Beach which is rich in flora and fauna. This place is covered with orchard of casuarinas and sands which is situated near Kanjhangad. The beach remains peaceful and clean as the crowd is very less. A sight to behold is nesting turtles crawling on to the shores to lay their eggs. Along the side of the town, a wide strip flowing is Hosdurg Beach. Enjoying the calm of the sea and watch the sun goes down and also spend some peaceful moments here. The striking spotlight of the Hosdurg Beach are appears resembling the transplant from the English shires. Several little cottages dotting the beach where you can crash at night are there.

A cultural center where the Archeology Departments runs the traditional knowledge center is Nileswaram. From the word, Nilakanta Iswar the name of the site was originated. The palace that serves as the traditional knowledge center of the Archeology Departments is the main attractions of this site. A famous cultural center where the Archeology Departments runs a traditional knowledge center is Nileswaram which considered being one of the typical Bekal things to do for a culture vulture. Deltas and the backwaters offering a majestic view to its visitors, the place is adjoining. The palace is the main attraction of this site. In this town, there are a various palaces of temples and worship.

Malik Deena Mosque
During the festival of Uroos a must visit is the Malik Deena Mosque which is celebrated with best fervor. This Mosque was built by Malik Ibn Deenar with typical Malabar style of architecture. One of the 10 other mosques is Malik Deena Mosque. A historical mosque in Kasaragod district of Kerala south state is the Malik Deena Mosque. This mosque is one of the most attractive and great kept in the district. Malik Deenar Mosque has sloped roof and resembles a Kerala Kovilakam which is built in typical Kerala style. From all over India, here to commemorate the arrival of Malik Deenar this is an important annual celebration. In spite of being a heritage mosque is the best part of this site.

By Road: From the other major cities, Bekal does not have any bus route. Located at Kasaragod is the nearest bus stand to Bekal about 12 km distance. You can also hire taxi to reach Bekal from major cities such as Mangalore which is apart from this.

By Train: Kanhangad and Kasargod are the two nearest major railway stations to Bekal. After reaching here, one can easily get taxi for Bekal. Pallikere and Kottikulam are other nearby railway stations and at both of these railway stations only local trains stop.

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore airport if you are planning to visit Bekal by air which is located at a 50 km distance from Kasaragod. Calicut International airport is the nearest intyernational airport which is located in Kozhikode.


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