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Idukki Tourism

Idukki Tourism

In the Kerala state, Idukki is a district which is created in 1972. Everyone is welcomed in the Kerala state which is “God’s Own Country”. From all over the world, one of the most sought after destinations for tourists is Kerala where Idukki is one of the largest hill stations. Undeniably one of the great places in Kerala perfect for nature walks, bird watching and treks is Idukki which is surrounded by spice plantations and aromatic tea. Remains untouched by commercial tourism are Idukki which is one of the most nature rich areas of Kerala. In Idukki Hill Station is one of the great places to witness here. Sparsely populated are densely populated whereas villages are the urban areas.

This place is also known as the Kerala’s spice garden. The place to be is fames for the chilly breeze and tea plantations introducing change of rejuvenation in the lives Idukki hill district are for those who expect to see beaches from where green salt water of see seem but can also opt for hills that. Still relatively unknown to a lot of people is Idukki which is unlike famous tourist places and hill stations of Kerala. The manmade amazements such as Idukki dam generating hydroelectric in addition to wildlife as exhibited, by the same name, in the wildlife sanctuary, are there. Time to get immersed in the scents and fragrances of the spices is Idukki with that compelling to travel Idukki time and again and allow them to leave lasting impression on the minds haunting.

The district’s name is derived from the Idukku word of Malayalam which means narrow gorge. You can also enjoy several diverse attractions and activities for a memorable vacation which is located just 47 km from Munnar and only at a distance of 105 km from Kochi. A year- round tourist destination is Idukki which is rich in picturesque beauty. From west to east side of the district, the township of Idukki has a variable climate when one travels. While the eastern cool climate of face the western part meets with the moderate type of climate conditions. From June till September, Monsoons in Idukki should be avoided because it receives very heavy rainfall.


Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
The sanctuary which houses variety of flora and fauna is one of the many distinguished destination in the Idukki district. It has a reservoir formed by three dams namely Kulamanu, Cheruthoni and Idukki which is spread over 77 sq. km. Also home to several varieties of poisonous snakes, jungle cats and bears is the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Characterized by hills, steep mountains and valley is the terrain of the sanctuary. If you are lucky, also you can see herds of gaur, wild dogs, elephants, boar and deer. Also no less attractive as you can see plenty of kingfisher, black bulbul, woodpecker, myna, jungle fowl and so on are the avian population in this sanctuary. The great time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is December to April. A must visit for travelers wanting to see nature as its great is the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thoommankuthu Falls
Thodupuzha have a dark past nearby the picturesque waterfalls. A seven step waterfall cascading down to form a pool is majestic Thoommankuthu Falls. It has been named after a person called Thomman, fell into the waterfall while trying to cross the river. This place has seven water pools and cascades that’s why the waterfalls are known as the seven step waterfall. A majestic seven step cascading waterfall dropping from a height of over 300 feet with pool at each level is Thommankuthu Waterfalls at a distance of 20 km from Thodupuzha, 25 km from Idukki and 48 km from Munnar. A great place down in the waters of the falls and to spend a day watching the nature is Thommankuthu Waterfalls. At this place, another famous activity is trekking into the surrounding scenic hills. Caves along the tribal villages and mountains paths are further adding excitement to the trek.

Situated at an elevation of 2641 m above sea level, Meesapulimala is the second highest peak in Southern India. The starting point of the trek is either Silent Valley or Rhodo Valley which is an ideal spot for trekking. One gets to witness the small waterfalls, rainforests, grasslands and wildlife but after trekking for about 8 km from Rhodo Valley. An attractive feature of Meesapulimala is the mountain forest ecosystem. From making it a must- visit destination for all the nature as well as adventure lovers out there is hundreds of Rhododendrons and amidst the lush green valleys, bubbling streams and tea estates. The trek which passes through the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and eight hills is Meesapulimala. A must visit destination for adventure lovers and nature is Meesapulimala. You can also see small waterfalls en route.

Idukki Arch Dam
Located in the South- Indian state of Kerala is Idukki Arch Dam which is an engineering marvel. An arch dam with double curvature is Idukki Arch Dam which is built on River Periyar and between two mountains. The first arch dam of Asia and the second of world is Idukki Arch Dam which is constructed on Periyar River across the Kurathi and Kuravan hills. One of the highest arch dams in Area is Idukki Arch Dam with this height. The sight of the structure in between the granite hills is scenic and the dam can be seen from quite some distance because of its massive size. Open for a tourist is boating in the reservoir as part of promoting hydel tourism. One of the few double curvature parabolic India’s thin arch dam is Idukki Arch Dam. Home to various local species is the forest area surrounding the dam and the reservoir.

Nedumkandam Hills
Located at a height of about 3200 feet above sea level is a hill of Nedumkandam give the perfect backdrop of a typical village life. This place is pollution- free which makes the presence of an observatory to study celestial bodies seem obvious which is the capital of the Idukki district. One of the fastest growing towns in Kerala is Nedumkandam Hills. Various beautiful places to explore in the vicinity of Nedumkandam are there. A major contributor to the production of species such as pepper and cardamom is Nedumkandam which is well known for its spices production. You can enjoy the enchanting scenery and also go for picnics at Neyyandimala, Kailasapara, Mankuthimedu, Kallumekallu and Ramakkalmedu. Come to this place if you have a relaxed holiday.

A hamlet and hill station in the district of Idukki in the Kerala state is Ramakkalmedu. From Tamil Nadu, the presence of excellent wind is the main tourism importance of Ramakkalmedu. Now, the famous hill station is Ram + Kal + Medu or Ramakkalmedu. The best trekking destination is Ramakkalmedu. The highest point in Idukki is the view point on top of the hill. A villa and a slope station is Ramakkalmedu. One of the well known natural life goals in Kerala is Ramakkalmedu which is around 40 km from Thekkady. Also for the majestic and scenic views of villages and noted for its hills in the Tamil Nadu, the neighboring state, towards the eastern side of the Western Ghats is the Ramakkalmedu. One of the major tourist sites in Ramakkalmedu is Statue of Kuruvan & Kuruthi which is located at the top of one of the Ramakkalmedu. We can see certain portion of the state of Tamil Nadu from this hill.

Kalvari Mount
An important tourist place in Idukki District is Kalvari Mount which is also known as Calvary Mount, at a distance of 10 km from Idukki. This is on a mountain top which gives a wonderful view of the Idukki villages down below and Idukki reservoir which is located on the way to Kattappana. One of the great places to go for a long drive is Kalvari Mount. A must visit place in the Idukki district is Kalvari Mount which is one of the most picturesque places this district. Therefore gives the kind of luxurious experience which one can get from staying as near to nature as possible is Idukki which is a small peaceful place which has been untouched by the commercial tourism sector. Simply out of the world and man- made dams and natural waterfalls make the perfect combination for you to experience is the serenity of the Idukki place.

Kulamavu Dam
One of the major power projects which are operating on the Periyar River is Kulamavu Dam and also the largest river in Kerala. A gravity/ brick work dam on the Periyar stream is Kulamavu Dam. One of the three dams related with the Idukki hydro electric power venture in the Kerala’s Indian Territory is Kulamavu Dam. A hill- station which offers the perfect terrain for an adrenaline kick is Kulamavu if you’re trekking or hiking junkies. Also adorned with equally enchanting surroundings is the place with some majestic trekking trails. The water achieves an underground power station which is situated in the Muvattupuzha Valley in the wake of going through these poles.


By Road: A huge amount of bus services are available from Cochin to reach Idukki. One can hire a taxi to reach the interiors of Idukki on reaching the bus stop.

By Train: Idukki has not own railway station that’s why Cochin is the nearest railway station.

By Air: Cochin is the nearest international airport to reach Idukki.


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