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Kannur Tourism

Another picturesque place to visit in Kerala is Kannur which is formerly known as Cannanore is famous for its weaving industries. A place where you will find sprinkled with beauty is Kannur which is right in the middle of God’s Own Country it’s cradled in the lap of nature. One of its northernmost districts is Kannur which is a scenic city, located in the Southern state of Kerala. Along the west coast in the Kerala state, one of the 14 districts is Kannur District. It was known by its Portuguese name of Cannanore which is still in fairly common usage during British rule in India. Behind the name Kannur, various legends and myths are there. The land of the popular performing art Theyyam is Kannur.

Highlands are covered by plantations, rainforests of tea, coffee and different types of species such cardamom and are the mountainous regions forming part of Western Ghats. A beach town in the Kerala’s Kannur District is Kannur. The largest city in the northern parts of Malabar is Kannur. An ancient city that served as an important Kerala’s trading centre in the 12th century is Kannur. During a hub of export and the British regime, Kannur was a port town. Kannur is also known as the “Crown of Kerala” because of its rich historic heritage and various myths surrounding. Mahe River, Perumba, Kuppam, Ramapuram, Anjarakandi and Thalassery are other rivers flowing through Kannur district.

During the month of winter when the temperature hover around an extremely pleasurable that is the great time to visit Kannur. This wonderful town is bundled with a plethora of sightseeing options such as ancient temples, beaches, majestic picnic spots and monuments. Owing to the conversion of paddy fields to other purposes even though the percentage of area sown under paddy is decreasing year after year which is substantial increase in paddy production has been achieved which is under the high yielding variety program. Very well reflected in the climatic conditions as well is the location of town since Kannur is a coastal town. Still imbibed in to the town and can be witnesses all around are the deep footprints of the Portuguese, the Mysore, the Dutch and the British. Since time immemorial Kannur has been hailed as an influential sea port. Cashew nut is an important cash crop grown in the Kannur. Consists of dissimilar types of forests expect in some coastal region natural vegetation. Plant formations assume different characters with their own micro climate or special edaphic features in restricted regions. Among the best places to spend your vacation in Kerala is Kannur and held throughout the year are major festivals and events. From all over the country, enough to attract tourists is enjoyable wind chasing the glow of setting sun and the wonderful weather huge cashew trees perhaps rooted by Portuguese and the town blessed with exceptional art of weaving.


A city is Taliparamba is famous as Perimchellur which is located in the Kannur region. The District Agricultural Farm is one of the major attractions of Kannur. The Kuppam River and Valapattanam River flow through enhancing the natural beauty of the Kannur. Along with ancient tile- roofed houses that together make the place appear so much more wonderful, surrounded by lush green fields all around is the city. From the usual fast life of the city, the greenery offers a perfect getaway and a quiet environment. Full of churches, temples and mosques is the Taliparamba city. The Taliparamba Sree Krishna Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna is the one which is most frequently visited by the tourists. An important trading centre of spices and hill produce is Taliparamba. Unparalleled is the beauty of the city being rich in crystal clear waters, rolling hills and lush green lawns. A must- visit is the Kannur place being a picturesque beauty with so much to offer.

St. Angelo’s Fort
It is believed that this fort to be constructed by Dom Francisco De Almeida who was the first Portuguese Viceroy in 1505. St. Angelo’s Fort is famously known as the Kannur Kotta and Kannur Fort. A remarkable piece of architecture with its majestic interiors and triangular design is the fort which is a blend of different architecture styles. This is enjoys a splendid and unhindered view of the diorama created by the merger of the azure waters and the charismatic waves which standing ashore in the Arabian Sea.
This fort was renovated and later used as the British station in Malabar under the British rule. An enthralling experience for the visitors is the well- maintained gardens inside the fort and the peaceful ambience which is wonderful location facing the sea. You can get a best view of the sea and the surroundings fishing bay from the fort. You can almost picture the battles which this fortress has seen walking around the walls of the mesmerize fort.

Muzhappilangad Beach
One of the best and rare drives in beaches is Muzhappilangad which is not just India but the world. No other beaches in the entire state with the distinction are there and the only drive- in- beach in Kerala is Muzhappilangad which is located on the south side of Kannur. It attracts the attention of various tourists around the year being only drive- in beach of Kerala. You can wade in the wonderful turquoise waters for a swim which is very unlikely if you get tired of driving around the beach. Frequently visited by tourists is the green Island near the Muzhappilangad Beach.
Formation of the black rock is another interesting factor about this coastline which is apart from the driving experience. Also a fun beach to go for a swim is Muzhappilangad Beach with shallow pools and mild waves. The perfect weekend getaway to blow off some stream is the Muzzhappilangad Drive- in Beach where you can spend some quality time with your dear ones. A place which serenades you with its beauty is the Muzhappilangad Drive- in Beach walk, swim, and drive or just lies on the rocks for calm.

Arakkal Museum
One of the most significant and frequently visited attractions of the South which is celebrates the memory and grandeur of only Muslim royal family of Kerala the Arakkal Ali Rajas is the Arakkal Musem in the city of Kannur. One of the most famous museums is Arakkal Museum which is dedicated to the Arakkal family who was the only Muslim royal family in Kerala. A true testimony to the impeccable Muslim design and architecture is Arakkal Museum which is previously a mesmerize palace of the royal family and their actual place of residence. You feel such you have been teleported to the 1600s the entire palace oozes with polished grace and sheer elegance entering the Arakkal Museum. Also exhibited are along with copies of Quran Swords, daggers and other weapons used by the Arakkals including an old type of telephone.

Payyambalam Beach
Adorned with foamy white waves of the Arabian Sea and sparkling pearls of golden sand is the impeccably unspoiled Payyambalam Beach. A famous beach located near the Kannur town is the Payyambalam Beach. This is a large stretch of golden sand with a garden attached on its side just 2 km away from the town of Kannur. An ideal place to spend irrespective of seasons, evenings is the Payyambalam Beach which is one of the wonderful beaches in the Kerala State. A mesmerize sculpture of a child and his mother by renowned artist Kanayi Kunhiraman is one of the major attraction of Payyambalam Beach other than its natural magnificence.

Another major town lying nearly 3 km away in the vicinity to Kannur is Pallikunnu. The Sri Mookambika Temple (devoted to Goddess Mookambika) is the major attraction of this town. This temple was established by philosopher of India Adi Shankaracharya as per the belief. During Navratra Festival in the month of October and November that the temple attracts a large number of devotees is this temple.the Kanathoor Maha Vishnu temple is another main attraction of the city. At this religious site, also celebrated is Janmashtami which is famous as Krishna Jayanti. Another prominent attraction of Pallikunnu is the Kanathoor Maha Vishnu Temple.

A town famous for its Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is Parassinikkadavu which is about 16 km away from Kannur. The most important attraction of this place is the Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu. It was founded for the preservation and conservation of snakes in the state of Kerala. Here you will also find other reptiles and even birds though called as a snake park. Here the houses of about 150 varieties of snakes including King Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, Krait, various pit vipers and Russell’s viper. The only Hindu temple in the Kerala state is the Muthappan temple which is dedicated to Sri Muthappan one of the forms of Lord Vishnu and as per ritual, the temple is witnesses a Theyyam performance daily.

Meenkunnu Beach
Behind the thick lineup of tall coconut trees, surf tucked is Meenkunnu which is wonderful beach golden sand. “Hill of fish” is the meaning of Meenkunnu. A sight of pure beauty is Meenkunnu Beach which is an extension of popular beach namely Payyambalam Beach in this region. A long stretch of clear water and sandy coastline is Meenkunnu Beach which is located a few kilometers from Kannur in Azhikode. A cliff on top of the beach that’s a best view point is there. An ideal and refreshing spot for the people who feel a bit crowded is Payyambalam Beach is Meenkunnu Beach.

Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary
This Sanctuary has a number of hill ranges which have an elevation between 50m to 1145m when compared to other popular Kerala’s wildlife sanctuaries. Quite a big deal is the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary which is the only wildlife Sanctuary in Kannur and being the northernmost wildlife reserve in the whole of Kerala. Various exotic wildlife species have marked their territory amidst these skies- touching trees and majestic greenery. An interesting one is the landscape of the Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary which ranges between depths of only 50 m above sea level to an altitude of 1145 m in the skies at Katti Betta which is its highest peak.

Dharmadam Island
An enthralling paradise is Dharmadam Island is also known as Green Island. You can literally walk up to Dharmadam Island by wading through water which is barely even knee deep an attraction of its peculiarity and its own is which during low tide is Dharmadam Island. A famous attraction near Kannur is this Island. Dharmadam Island is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the fourth side and the Anjarakandy River on the three sides. From the Muzhappilangad beach, a wonderful sight is the Dharmadam Island. The sea subsides making it possible for tourists to visit the Island during low tides. An exciting experience is walking through the shallow waters to the island.

Thalassery Fort
Located 22 km from the Kannur in the small town of Thalassery is Thalassery Fort which is also known as Tellicherry Fort. One of the most important Kerala’s European trading centres was Thalassery Fort. An ideal setting for romantic sojourn is the town which is known mostly for the imposing Thelassery Fort. From all over the country, a mesmerize structure; drawing tourists is the fort in itself. Behind Thelassery Fort is the popular Anglican church of St. John. Now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India is this fort once the nucleus of development of Thalassery.


By Road: Kannur city is well linked by roads with all major cities of Kerala.

By Train: An important railhead of the Southern Railways is Kannur. This city has own railway station.

By Air: The closest airport is Calicut International Airport in Kozhikode which is about 93 km to Kannur.


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