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Kasaragod Tourism

Kasaragod Tourism

A small town which lying on the sea coast displaying a charming blend of culture, bounty of nature and various religious is Kasargod. Somewhat a less explored destination is Kasargod which is the northernmost district of Kerala. An entrancing beauty of Godís own country is Kasargod which is located close to Bekal, azure Arabian Sea on the other and tucked between Western Ghats on one side. Also a main source of living in Kasargod is fishing other than the coir industries. The district of Kasargod is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the western part which is under a green forest cover of the Western Ghats. One of the most photogenic places in Kerala as considered and its attracts peace- loving travelers featuring rolling hills, soothing sea breeze, plush coconut plantations and host of heritage temples. The town oozes charm and tranquility from every aspect, golden beaches and meandering rivers, lofty hills which is blessed with mesmerize forts. Built in a distinctive style which despites the architectural style of Madhur are the temples in Kasargod. While the other festivals celebrated here include Christmas, Onam, Vishu and Ramzan one of the major events of Kasargod is the different rituals performed in the Theyyam festival. Considered to be home to some of the great preserved forts in Kerala is Kasargod which is also known for its glorious and rich past. Represented by the ancient attractions present here such Mahaganapathy temple and other structures such as Great Juma Masjid and Malik Deenar is the rich heritage of the kasargod.

A delight of visitor is every place to the mesmerize temples and mosques scattered around the district from the majestic forts which seem to tell a story. A worth visit a visit is the wonderful town of Kasargod which is an adorned with several tourist attractions, handloom industry and pleasant winter season and booming coir. Humid and hot are the summers while pleasant and cool are winters. Between the September and January months are the great time to visit the town and temperate is the climate condition in Kasargod. Winter season between September and January months is the best season to visit Kasaragod. While visiting the region, quite pleasing in the district and offer best experience to travelers are winters.


Ranipuram destination has lush green grasslands and thick forest vegetation which is situated at the height of about 750 m above the sea level. Ranipuramís gentle hills are popular for its trekking trail in Kerala. It can be compared to Ooty because of its natural beauty. A protected area in the Western Ghats of Kasargod is Ranipuram which is adjacent to Kottencheri- Talakaveri mountain range. The Ranipuramís extensive forest merges with the Karnatakaís forest. Wild elephants can be seen on the top of the mountains. One of the top places to visit in Kasargod is Ranipuram. A delight for nature photographers and very scenic is the entire trek route of Ranipuram. Surely a picturesque experience is exploring the land on foot while being surrounded by flora.

Ananthapura Lake Temple
A Hindu temple is Anantha Lake Temple or Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple which is built in the middle of a lake in the Ananthapuraís little village. Sure to put you at ease in an instant are the pleasant temple with its traditional architecture and the tranquil lake which is formed by a continuous supply of spring water. It is believed to be the original seat of Ananth Padmanabha Swami this is the only lake temple in Kerala. The only temple where has crocodile as a messenger and a guardian is Ananthapura Lake Temple. You could spot him swimming in the lake waters if you are lucky and 80 plus- year- old crocodile named Babiya of this temple guardian is a vegetarian. The holy temple of Ananthapadmanabhan Swami is the Ananthapura Lake Temple.

Located only 10 km south of the major town of Nileshwaram, a cozy small town in Kasargod district of Kerala is Cheruvathur. Also a famous picnic spot in Kasargod is Cheruvathur. Known is the place for being the birthplace of great 19th century poet Keralaís Mahakavi Kuttamath. An excellent source of literary inspiration in Cheruvathur is poet compilations and his work on musical drama. Because of its beautiful greeneries and view, Cheruvathur mainly attracts tourists. This place is a peaceful suburban retreat for a short weekend trip but more than that. The Veeramala Hills is known for the ruins of the 18th century Dutch Fort which is situated at this place. A favorite picnic spot for the same reason is Cheruvathur and its surroundings. Also a famous picnic spot is this place.

Malom Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the eminent wild sanctuaries in Malom town in the district of Kasargod in Kerala is Malom Wildlife Sanctuary. All about lush green forest and variety of wildlife is Malom Wildlife Sanctuary which is a famous tourist attraction of Kanhagad region. The wild pig, porcupine, flying squirrel and rhesus monkey are a variety of animals and birds including peacock, Malabar hornbill inhabits the Sanctuary. A tropical rain forest which attracts large number of tourist attractions to this place is Malom Wildlife Sanctuary. You may also get to see Python and king Cobra if you are lucky. The meaning of Mahalokam is ďVast AreaĒ which derived is the Malom named. A land of historical importance is Kasargod which has enchanting beauty.

Located in the Kasargod District of Kerala in southern India is a major town is Nileshwar which is also known by the name Nileshwaram. One of the three municipalities that can be found in the Kasargod district is Nileshwar which is the others being Kanhangad and Kasaragod. Also referred to as the cultural capital of the Kasargod District is Nileshwar which lies between two rivers are Thejaswini Puzha and Nileshwaram Puzha. The town is breathtakingly wonderful and a splendid site to be at with the Arabian Sea to its west. A land of Lord Shiva is the name denotes that Nileshwar. Also known as the cultural centre of the district of Kasaragod is Nileshwar. The perfect place to be for those who wish to explore the traditions and rich culture of Kerala is Nileshwar. Also a best tourist attraction is the harbor of the Nileshwar.

A wonderful backwater destination is Valiyaparamba which is located near Bekal. A small island favored by the tourists who search for some seclusion in the natureís lap is Valiyaparamba which is located near Kasargod. One of the famous backwater stretches in northern Kerala is Valiyaparamba which is a long strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the backwaters. A perfect place for fishing and swimming is Valiyaparamba which is now serving as a backwater resort. Valiyaparamba tour will give you a holiday in one of the most calm and picturesque destinations of Kerala. Popular for a cluster of scenic little islands is the entire region and fed by four separate rivers is Valiyaparamba in Kasaragod the water here which is located close to the famous Bekal Fort area.

Kareemís Forest Park
The only man- made forest in Kerala is the 32 acres of land situated at Puliyamkulam near Parappa which is 23 km away east of Kanhangad town. A remarkable example of forest conservation is Kareem forest park. The man behind this best green venture is a native of Kasargod named Kareem. This place is packed with plethora of flora and fauna, medicinal plants which is situated about 23 km from Kasaragod town. Believed to be the leading private sanctuary of country is Kareemís Forest Park which is a paradise for scientists, students Ayurveda, nature lovers, biologists and environmentalist. This is also gives shelter to innumerable small wild animals and species of birds.

Chandragiri Fort
One of the several forts established by Sivappa Naik of Bedanore is the Chandragiri Fort which is flanked by nature on all sides and immersed in a splendid past. Frequently visited by both tourists and locals as it offers scenic view of the Chandragiri River joining the Arabian Sea is Chandragiri Fort though the fort is in ruins. Chandragiri Fort also offers an enchanting view of the river and the Arabian Sea while the sunset view is simply spell binding here which is apart from reflecting the footprints of past. Thulunadu and Kolathunadu are the border of two kingdoms was the Chandragiri River near the fort. The region was administered by Keladi Nayakas of Ikkeri after the fall of Vijayanagara Empire. Also located in the town are a mosque, an ancient t temple and the Chandragiri Bridge.

Bela Church
The oldest church in the Kasaragod district is the Bela Church which is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. It was actually built in the year 1890 which is believed to be the oldest composition in the Kasaragod district. Under the Mangalore Diocese is Gothic style of Roman Catholic Church is Bela Church. Roman Catholic Church in Gothic style of Architecture is Bela Church which is dedicated to Mother of Dolours. From Kudrepady with best solemnity, lifted to Bela Church was the miraculous statue of the Mother of Sorrows. Shifted to the present location was Bela Church for better convenience. Celebrated in the December months is the annual festival (perunal) of the church.

Bekal Fort
A historic fort is Bekal Fort, was construct almost 300 years ago. The broad steps leading to the Observation Tower, the ammunition magazine, the water- tank with its flight of steps and the tunnel are some important features of Bekal Fort. This was constructed purely for defense purpose in the 1650 year by Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore. It was the tradition in those days to built large forts for defense purposes was attributed to the starting of Kolathiri rule is the construction of fort. One of the most and largest preserved forts in Kerala is Bekal Fort. A must visit tourist destination in Bekal is Bekal Fort. Tourists visit Bekal Fort is nestled in the natureís lap in every year. The largest fort in Kerala is Bekal Fort which is spreading over an area of 40 acres.

Veeramala Hills
An ideal tourist spot from where the natural beauty of the Kariangode River and its surroundings can be enjoyed is Veeramala Hills which is located in Cheruvathur. It offers majestic views of Kariangode River which is famous picnic spot among tourists as well as locals. Built in the 18th century, a hill top with the ruins of a Dutch fort is there. Situated nearby is the home of illustrious scholars and poets of Kuttamathu in Cheruvathur. One of the major tourist destinations in the South Indian Kerala state is Veeramala Hills. The remnants of a Dutch for construct at the hilltop in the 18th century is a major attraction here. A perfect picnic spot from where one can view the natural beauty of meandering River of Kariangode are the Veeramala hills. A less explored and an offbeat destination in Kasaragod is Veeramala Hills.

Hosdurg Fort
A mesmerize fort is Hosdurg Fort can be seen from distance. A different feature to Hosdurg Fort in form of its round bastion is there. Owing to its round bastion, Hosdurg Fort can be recognized from a distance. Also visit the famous Nityanandashram which is comprise of nearly 45 caves if you are visiting the fort. The Poonkavanam Karpooreshwar Temple whoís dedicated to Lord Shiva is another major spot lying in the proximity to the fort. Every year lots of tourists visit Hosdurg Fort is the most beautiful fort. The landmark of Kanhangad is the Hosdurg Fort thatís why it is also known as Kanhangad Fort. It was established by Ikkeri Dynasty king Somashekhara Nayaka.


By Road: This place is well linked by road with other major cities of the country via regular buses and taxis.

By Train: Kasaragod railway station connects to the town to many major cities of the country railway station.

By Air: It is easily approachable from all nearby cities is Kasaragod with a well- maintained network of road and the NH 66 passing through the town. The closest airport from the town is Mangalore.


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