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Kozhikode Tourism

Kozhikode Tourism

A city is Kozhikode in the Kerala state. This place is popular for its educational, historical, culinary excellence and culture which is also known as Calicut. Followed by the English and Dutch other trades came to Calicut first and Vasco da Gama in his search for spices. Until 1122 AD Kozhikode was under the ruler of Chera accruing to the history. The city of Calicut built a fort at a place called Velapuram which is known as Calicut at present and came into existence in the 13th century when the Udaiyavar of Ernad King conquered the area. One of the most active cities of commercial in Kerala is Calicut at present. A famous place to visit in Kerala is Kozhikode with the Wayanad Hills on the east and Arabian Sea on the west.

The good variety of hand- woven cotton cloth said to have originated from this place which is the name Calicut is derived from ‘calico’. The marketing center is Kozhikode city for commodities such as lemon grass oil, pepper coconut, coffee, rubber etc. the neighboring district of Kannur, Wayanad and Malappuram and it produced in Kozhikode. The town is known for its wonderful rivers, ship building, calm backwaters, countryside, ayurvedic medicines, historic sites, timber industry, pristine beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. The most important tourist places in Kozhikode are point of Dolphin, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Kappad Beach, the Jama- at- palli, Pazhassirajah Museum, Vadakara and Tali Temple.

Some mouthwatering cuisines of this area are the variety of yummiest halwa (loved by the locals and the tourists alike), Dum Biriyani, Kalummakaya and Chatti pathiri. Between the month of July and April is the best time to visit in Kozhikode in the Kerala state. Monsoons and mild come with shower of abundant is the winters of this city. If they are looking for a colder region to enjoy their stay, a best time to visit but can be a bit for some travelers is too summer.


Kappad Beach
The popular world explorer first set his foot is the popularity of the Kappad Beach is due to the fact which it was the place where Vasco da Gama. Erected on the beach to commemorate the significant historical event is a stone monument. One of the best Kerala tourist places and one of the most charming Kerala beaches is Kappad Beach. An ideal for playing and relaxing around with sand is the beach. Considered to be the gateway to the Malabar Coast is Kappad Beach.
A best place for boating is the Karappula River at Elathur close to the beach. Here a best site to watch in the combination of River and Sea is Sunset. The Samudiri who was staying in Ponnani backed to Calicut (the capital of the kingdom) on hearing the arrival of the foreign explorers. Calicut would not have been established as one of the major ports in Asia if not for the shores of Kappad.

Kozhikode Beach
A favorite place to watch sunset is Kozhikode Beach. A dream place to visit its natural beauty makes it. This beach is known for its old world natural and charm beauty is the Kozhikode beach which is situated near the town of Kozhikode. A place to visit near the beach is Marine Aquarium. A perfect setting for tourists wanting to enjoy the sunset and sunrise is the beach. A lighthouse which offers mesmerize views of the Arabian Sea and the seashore is there. The most famous retreat for locals is the Kozhikode beach.
It remains visually and unexploited pleasing in spite of decoration works and lax coastal management. Along with Valiyangadi this beach area was the centre of the town which is about a hundred years ago. The legendary spice way came into existence and the beach is also known as the port where Vasco Da Gama firstly landed.

Beypore Beach
During the days of the Chinese and Arab travelers and the Europeans this place was also an important trade and maritime centre but now an important port and fishing harbor. At a distance of 10 km to the Kozhikode town’s south a small village is situated at the mouth of Chaliyar River that is Beypore. The Port of Beypore has a historical significance as it was considered an important trade center and maritime and was one of the ports where trading commenced between the Middle East and Asia. All across the world a popular beach destination is the beach. Here everyone for something is there.

Sargaalaya Kerala Arts & Crafts Village
A beautiful initiative by the Department of Tourism in Kerala is Sargaalaya Kerala Arts & Crafts village which is located near the pretty backwaters of Iringal near Vadakara in Kozhikode district of Kerala. The centre boasts of rich display of craftsmanship and some incredible handiworks of artisan of locals is an exquisite blend of brilliant hand crafted designs and tradition of an age old. It is provides its tourists a chance to witness the live an artisans and workmanship at work with an objection to promote tourism along with encouraging the local arts & crafts of Kerala traditional. Must visit especially if you are an arts and crafts enthusiast a unique experience is a visit to this village.

Uru Shipyard, Kozhikode
The mesmerize ship making arenas in Beypore near Kozhikode is Uru Shipyards. Frequented by a pretty dolphins is the adjacent part of the ocean which is an added attraction for the tourists and the shipyard is in a coastal area. Famous for manufacturing huge Dhow- type wooden ships with a belly of bulging is the shipyards. This is the best place for Shipyard is Uru Shipyard. As old as the starting of maritime trade with Mesopotamia of India is the art of Uru making in Beypore on the northern coast of Kerala.

Tali Siva Temple
One of the most renowned and oldest temples of Calicut is the Tali Siva temple which is located close to the Mananchira square. Some specialties of this temple are an expansive temple pond and very high walls. A Shivaling is found which a 2 ft height in the quadrangle has shaped central shrine of Lord Shiva. A rare example of Kerala style of architecture is the Tali Siva temple which is built of wood and late rite. One of the oldest temples in this region is the Tali Siva temple which is dedicated to Lord Siva. The best time to visit the temple is the New Year of Malayalam. One of the best tourist attractions in Calicut is Tali Siva Temple. It was the venue of an annual competition of skill of pedagogic called Pattathanam of Revathi during this time.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is surrounded by pretty hillocks lies a watcher of bird planet which spread over a cluster islands. Greet of the sanctuary its visitors with freshwaters of Kadalundi River which is located in Kozhikode. One of the majestic places to visit indeed is this bird sanctuary during your sightseeing tour of Calicut being a home to both local bird species as well as the migratory birds. You can sit here and relax while you witness the bird of lively playful away from the hustle of city. A place of best picturesque beauty is the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. In this sanctuary also found a several kinds of fishes, a variety of flora and fauna, mussels and crabs.

Thusharagiri Waterfall
One of the best places to visit in Kozhikode and one of the prettiest waterfalls in Malabar region is Thusharagiri Waterfalls. This cascades down as three waterfalls which are lying in the Western Ghats of Kozhikode district in Kerala. Snow covered mountains is the meaning of the name of the falls which is located in a small tribal village. A waterfall offers endless scope for visit of wildlife sanctuary, trekking and rock climbing in Chembukadavu Thusharagiri is the Thusharagiri Falls. The place offers challenging chance of rock climbing and trekking which is widely known as the paradise of trekker. A best picnic spot as well as a fine romantic retreat is this waterfall of Kerala which is an ideal destination for wild life enthusiasts and nature lovers. From September to December is the great time to visit Thusharagiri waterfall.

Sarovaram Bio Park
An enthralling venture taken up by the government to conserve the forest of rich mangrove and Kerala’s wetland is Sarovaram Bio Park which is located in Kottooli near Kozhikode. A beautiful break from the humdrum of life and lets its guest soak in an ethereal and rejuvenating environment is Sarovaram Bio Park which is abound in natural beauty and blooming with wildlife and verdant greenery. An eco friendly bio park in the city of Kozhikode is Sarovaram. A part of the extended project undertaken by the Indian Government to project the identified 27 wetlands is the bio park of Sarovaram which is spread over a vast 200 acres of protected land. Among college kids and couples due to its all- around solitary and serenity environment the park is famous which is built in the style of traditional architecture of Kerala.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam
A wonderful picnic spot with best natural beauty amidst hills is the Peruvannamuzhi Dam which is situated at a distance of 57 km from railway station of Kozhikode. One of the most wonderful dams in Kerala is Peruvannamuzhi Dam of Kuttiady. Also there is a bird sanctuary and crocodile farm which is located close to the dam for the lover of wildlife. There you can see ‘Smaraka Thottam’ that’s a garden made in the memory of great leaders of freedom struggle while riding through the artificial lake. This Dam serves also water for the popular Japan Govt. which aided project of Drinking water. Long tunnel runs for the purpose of give drinking water to secluded Kozhikode district villages from here.

Vellari Mala
A tributary of Chaliyar River called Kanjirapuzha is meandering along the rocky terrain. Part of the famous Hump Mountains of Camel of the Western Ghats is Vellari Mala. A paradise of trekker but is also a best picnic spot for a relaxing experience with friends and family is Vellai Mala. At many points of its journey, this water body forms many pretty waterfalls and brooks that’s a treat to your eyes. One of the toughest treks in the South is Vellari Mala trek. The entire trek is through dense forest, frequented by wild leeches and elephants which expect for the initial 4 km stretch.

Krishna Menon Museum
This museum is also an Art Gallery which is located in Kozhikode on the East Hill. Also here exhibited are the paintings of Raja Ravi, Varma and Raja Varma, along with the personal belongings and souvenirs of Mr. Menon. Among other collections this museum is situated next to the Museum of Pazhassi Raja which is an art gallery housing the oil paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. On display in the section of art is a collection of stone sculptures. The Museum of Krishna Menon was built to honor the famous leader V. K. Krishna Menon in 1975.

Payyoli Beach
A majestic stretch of golden sands is the Payyoli Beach which is located only 36 km north of Kozhikode which is located in the Payyoli village. One of the most stupendous tourist spots in this region is Payyoli with several thousands of tourists every week visiting the beach. Among the tourists as a paradise of ornithologist, an estuary of the Moorad River which better known is close to the Payyoli Beach. An ideal for sun bath and water sports is the beach. Also a best place for swimming is Payyoli beach. Nearby attraction is the Payyoli Beach. Hundreds of tourists gather around the beach to witness innumerous tiny turtles come out of their crawl and shells towards the sea in harmony of perfect during the hatching season.

Mother of God Cathedral
One of the popular pilgrim centers in the region is the Church. This city is known for site of pilgrimage and mother of God Cathedral tops the list when it comes to the great religious places to visit in this place. Mother of God Cathedral church houses also a popular and an ancient portrait of Mother Mary. The headquarters of the Latin Catholic congregation in Malabar is the church which the skill of craftsmen of India and is a tribute to the beauty of Italian architecture which is built in the Gothic style.

By Road: This city is well linked by road with other cities such as Chennai, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Kochi, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.

By Train: Kozhikode is well linked by railways to all the major cities with its railway network. And also there is a railway station that operates several trains in Kozhikode.

By Air: Away from the Kozhikode, the Karipur International Airport which is famously known as Calicut International Airport that is 23 km. This airport has access to flights to major cities of India such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kochi and other important cities of the world from Calicut.


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