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Malampuzha Tourism

Malampuzha Tourism

A little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats and its name derived from the Malapuzha River is Malapuzha. Nurtures Malampuzha of Bharathapuzha is popular for its scenic view and greenery which is the second longest river in Kerala. A blend of natural beauty and many amusement of man- made is Malampuzha. A tourist destination and a famous picnic spot is Malampuzha which is the main attractions being the adjacent Malampuzha gardens and the Malampuzha dam. This place is popular for teak expansive houses and plantations various heritage historic monuments, temples and mosques which is locally translated as “land atop hills”. During any season will excite you for sure your holiday to Malapuzha with natural diversity up for grab.

Charm of Malapuzha is spread over many smaller areas which provide an enthralling experience to the tourists. This place is suitable for tourists of all groups are something for everyone as there. The annual Chariot Festival at Viswanatha Temple is some of the main festivals celebrated here which is organized in the November month and the annual festival at the Temple of Bhagvathy in the March month. The largest reservoir in the state and among the most famous dams in Kerala is Malampuzha Dam. A large cement sculpture named Yakshi is the major highlight of the garden. There is a host of interesting trivia surrounding the place which adds to its appeal apart from being perfect picnic spots. You can be visited Malampuzha in winter, summer or monsoon.


Malampuzha Dam
The largest reservoir in Kerala is the Malampuzha Dam which is extending into a charming lake. Malampuzha River is the tributary of longest river of Kerala that is Bharathapuzha. A combination of an earthen as well as a masonry dam is Malampuzha Dam which is surrounded by the imposing Western Ghats. Malampuzha Dam is famous for fishing and boating. Here the main attraction is the dam of Malampuzha itself. Nearby the Malampuzha Dam have many attractions such as ropeway, amusement park, rock garden and here visitors often enjoy boating. Upper Garden, Entrance Garden, Viewpoint, Yakshi Garden and Japanese Garden, spiced fruits camp, cable car ride, Fantasy Park, Fish shaped aquarium, Toy train for kids along with some majestic trekking tracks and river baths are some major tourist attractions near this dam.

Thread Garden
A sight of pure beauty is Thread Garden which is dotted with thread- woven plants and flowers. The fact is that they are made of thread from the rest but what makes this garden a stand- out this one too has plants and flowers like any other garden. The place serves as an ideal site for picnic which surrounded by serene environ and lush greenery. Not machine- made is the flowers and plants displayed in the thread garden but painstakingly woven with hand. Thread garden is realized and conceived by a person named Antony Joseph which is located close to the Fantasy Park. Elegantly displayed in chamber of glass is an entire range of plants and flowers.

A famous fun activity enjoyed by the visitors who travel to Malampuzha is Udankhatola ropeway. A rope way running parallel to the Dam which is first in South India of its kind is there. A ropeway which runs parallel to the Malapuzha Dam is Udan Khatola and if you are flying in the sky are in turn providing an mesmerize top view of the whole place as. The rope way provides a 20 minutes ride of thrilling with an aerial view of the Malampuzha Dam and Garden. From all over the country Malampuzha draws the attention of people. Being given to the visitors is during the ride safety gadgets and each has a capacity to accommodate 2 persons and 64 rope cars are there. A famous fun activity enjoyed by the visitors who travel to Malampuzha is ropeway of Udankhatola.

Rock Garden
One of the kinds in South India is rock garden. This garden is eked out of rocks with a majestic backdrop of the Malampuzha Dam which is built by the much loved sculptor, Nek Chand who was the maker of first rock garden in India which is located in Chandigarh. In India the first rock is made up of tubes, tiles, bottles, bulbs and other items. Visitor of the garden draws in large number calm environment and offering green. One can see caves, small rain shelters and huts for birds. The major highlights of the park are a royal procession of kings in a palanquin, Kalaripayattu, a scene of a boat race, Theyyam, the Mahabali legend, Thiruvathirakali and scenes depicted from Kathakali. The first of its kind in South India is Palakkad maintained by the District Tourism Promotion Council which is Malampuzha Rock Garden.

Fantasy Park
A premier amusement park in the southern state of Kerala is Fantasy Park. A heaven for transformation and free- time is the fun- filled park with the Western Ghats as its backdrop. Located just a kilometer away from Malampuzha Dam the first amusement park of Kerala is Fantasy Park. Boast of the Fantasy park of more than 35 rides in its water theme park and dry areas as well as a planetarium which gives an out of the world experience for the kids which spreads over an area of 17 acres. Provide you some thrilling moments in your life by the largest wave pool in the park. The suitable for all ages is the fantasy park of the amusement park which is also perfect destination for a day of fun as well as relaxation. There for entertainment of kid is Baby Train, Battery Car and Water Kiddy Ride.

Snake Park
The park of snake rehabilitation and rescue maintained by the government of the Kerala that is the snake park which is situated next to the Malampuzha Gardens and Malampuzha Dam. Here crocodiles and a tortoises exhibited are there apart from snakes. One can also find crocodiles other than the snakes. The two King Cobras which are kept in two Air- conditioned rooms are the main crowd- puller in this park. Inside the Snake Park, run by the Forest Development Agency, named “Pugmark Green Shop”, Parambikulam Tiger Reservea a small stall is there. Around the cages which tell visitors what to do in case of snake bite boards pasted are there also for safety.

Malampuzha Garden
A wonderful landscape garden on the front side of the Dam of Malampuzha is the Malampuzha Garden. A perfect picnic spot for tourists is the landscaped garden. A treat to the eyes is the picturesque beauty of the garden on the banks of the reservoir. The concrete Yakshi’s statue is the major attraction of the Malampuzha Garden which is a legendary enchantress. There lies yet another tourist attraction called Malampuzha Garden on the front side of the dam. Within the Malampuzha Garden, a famous tourist attraction is the Snake Park. There is an amusement park, majestic waterfalls, an aquarium and a rock garden which is apart from the lush green garden. Also available in the Garden is the boating facility. Malampuzha Garden is also known as the Kerala’s Vrindavan. A perfect picnic location for lover of nature and art is Malampuzha Garden.

Kava View Point
Yet another wonderful attraction is the just behind the Malampuzha Dam which is called viewpoint of Kava. During the monsoon month, a quite getaway and it springs return to life is Kava Viewpoint. Visitors can cherish the view of the lush green mountain of neighboring from the Kava Viewpoint. Silent and an awesome picturesque spot is Kava Viewpoint which is located on the other side of the Dam of Malampuzha. Here two of the reasons to plan a trip again and again are the desire, lush and scenic scenery to get wonderful photo shots. Along the catchment area take left to Kava and either drive through the Malampuzha that Kanjikode road, walk straight after the end of the dam or Anakkal Road after Rock Garden. The green mountains stretch on forever in colors of jade and emerald which has the view from the top is majestic.

Dhoni Hills and Waterfalls
One of the great places in Kerala to undertake forest trekking is Dhoni hills which are bestowed with peak of towering. A reserve Forest area which has a small but majestic, wonderful and mesmerize waterfall in the middle is Dhoni. The North end of Malampuzha Dam and though the aerial distance between Dhoni Hills. Dhoni gives trekkers the chance to explore its hilly terrains. Attracted to the Waterfall of Dhoni are visitors who are interested in watching nature at close quarters at Parasuramkundu which is particularly Sapal waterfalls. A happiness to watch is its surrounding of lush green. Also popular is Dhoni for its harbouring, farmhouse hundreds of cattle of Swiss variety.

Japanese Park
A perfect destination for a best time with your dear ones is Japanese garden of Malampuzha. An enchanting touch to the park, the oriented flavor of this beautiful little garden and designed in typical Japanese style. Malampuzha get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at Japanese garden of Malampuzha with so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation. Over the canal nearby also a rope bridge is there. The great way to have a memorable time with family and kids is the Japanese garden of Malampuzha. Open timing of the Japanese Park is 10: 00 AM to 1: 00 PM and from 2: 30 PM to 8: 00 PM. After a busy weekday the sure way to relax and refresh is Japanese Park of Malampuzha.

Palakkad Fort
An old granite Fort is Palakkad Fort also known as the fort of Tipu which is situated in the heart of Kerala State’s Palakkad City. Palakkad Fort was built in 1766 and by Haider Ali. One of the best preserved forts in Kerala is Palakkad Fort. A canal which surrounds the fort in the 9 arches shapes is there. The Palakkad Fort is known for its architecture which displays the workmanship of engineer of French and is spread over an area of 60702.84 sq m around. One of the major tourist attractions in Kerala is Palakkad Fort. Supported by bastions and walls which are located in the four corners is Palakkad square shaped fort. Under the Indian Archaeological Survey a protected monument is Palakkad Fort. Within the fort also located is the Palakkad sub jail. Inside the fort a small Hanuman Temple is there.

Pothundi Dam & Reservoir
Near Pothundi Village, an irrigation dam is Pothundi Dam in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Considered one of the oldest dams in India is Pothundi Dam which is constructed in the 19th century. The core wall is an unusual feature of the earth dam. The popular tourist attraction in Palakkad is Pothundi Dam which is built during the British reign for irrigation purpose. The best place to enjoy a picnic or for those who love to enjoy basking in the sun is the area around the Pothundi Dam. This is well known for its unique fish species such as barbus, murrel, catla, catfish, eel, gourami, tilapia, mrigal, rohu and common carp and is one of the most visited tourist’s spots. The reservoir has been developed as an important inland project of fishery and the dam also gives water supply.

By Road: From Palakkad town to Malampuzha private buses are run and also you can hire a taxi.

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Palakkad Junction railway. You can either use the private bus service from there or you can also hire a taxi will take you directly to Malampuzha.

By Air: The Coimbatore International airport is the nearest airport from Malampuzha. You can hire a cab or take a bus to Malampuzha from there.


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