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Marari Tourism

Marari Tourism

One the best beaches in Kerala is Mararikulam which offering idyllic beach stay experience. Located in Alappuzha district of Kerala state is Marari beach which is 11 km way from Alleppey town. During their trip to Marari beach, near Marari beach lots of travelers hunt for tourist places. A long is Marari which is not much crowded such as Varkala and Kovalam. From the “Mararikulam” word the term “Marari” is created. One of the local fishing villages in Alleppey is Marari. Near Marari beach, lots of other reputed online as well as offline on tourists places are there. You simply require clicking the place of your choice from the listings above for additional information and details on places to see near Marari beach. A beach in village of Mararikulam of Alappuzha district in Kerala is Marari. The perfect place to bask in the sun in your bikini and also get the perfect tan is this uncrowded beach with its vast coastal line fringed with white sand, clean water and coconut trees. A fisherman of Mararikulam village which is looking exactly as it would be hundred years ago and practically untouched by modernity is Mararikulam. Marari beach is very private and is good for swimming and also is a very relaxing beach retreat. Small Coconut trees are the main attraction of Marari beach. People can feel the sound of water, wind and can enjoy the cool breeze as well during sunset.

A favorite among foreign tourists to Kerala is Marari. Along with palm trees Marari beach can see blue sky and sea, is so long and people can relax and walk. There is no public entrance leading up to the beach is only a small path in Marari beach. Hot and humid is the summer and the meaning of monsoon is continuous rain. The most preferred time to visit Marari is the months of September to February when the temperature are chances and normal of rain are scant since the climate is predominantly humid in this region. During March to May at its peak is humidity. After sunset the area becomes too dark stay out since there are no lights on the beach.


Mararikulam Shiva Temple
One of the most important vazhipadu for Sree Mahadev is Jaladhaara. A perfect destination for a best time with your love ones is Mararikulam Shiva Temple. Bring return several memorable moments and also enjoy together all the points of famous interests. A century old important temple is Mararikulam Sree Mahadev temple which is situated at Alleppey district. The only temple where Sri Parvati Devi and Sri Mahadevan are present face to face is Mararikulam Sree Mahadev Temple. A famous attraction of the region is Mararikulam Shiva Temple. The major festivals celebrated in the temple are Navarathri, Mahashivratri, Ashtami Rohini and Thiruvathira.

Marari Beach
One of the local fishing villages in Alleppey is Marari Beach. A beach in Alappuzha district is Marari Beach of Kerala in India. It trends to become crowded with locals on holidays and weekends while the beach is usually peaceful. The original and still the great among other destination is Marari beach in Mararikulam. After the sunset the area becomes too dark stay out since there are no lights on the beach. One of the most picturesque spots and secluded and a pristine paradise hidden away is Marari Beach in a quaint fishermen village of Mararikulam in Kerala. Here you can indulge in Snake boat race during peak tourist season. Just to relax, unwind and let your soar of spirit you can sit for hours at this sandy beach and tranquil. Eternal with golden sands and coconut palm trees is Marari Beach in Kerala.

Velorvattom Mahadev Temple
A popular temple in Marari is the Velorvattom Mahadev Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The creation of Vilwamangalam Swami was a great saint who was a devotee of Lord Krishna is Velorvattom Mahadev Temple according to Hindu myths. Thekkanappan and Vadakkanappan these are two deities of Lord Shiva in the temple is there. Marari Beach is popular for “Velorvattom Mahadev Temple” which place is near Cherthala of Kerala state. This Mahadev temple has two (entries) “Nadas” that is rare in Kerala state. Velorvattom Mahadev is also called Thekkanappan who is the original Swvyambhu and Vadakkanappan is Shiva.

A lesser known tourist destination is Komalapuram which is a small village in Alappuzha district. The name of this place is Komalapuram is a word which combined of two words are “Komalam” is followed by Mr. Komalam Shetty was a famous money lender in this place and “Puram” means an area of land. Another saying that Malayalam word ‘Komalam’ is represents the beauty of women and kids is there. Then the Komalapuram means “Land of Beautiful Ladies and Kids”. Komalapuram is popular for its coir industries and temples. People for the most part rely on coir- related industry of small scale for making their living.

Thumpoly Beach
A coastal town is Thumpoly which is located in Alappuzha district of Kerala. Must visit destination is Thumpoly which is blessed with wonderful sandy beaches with the Arabian Sea on one side and a small lake on other side. Thumpoly is a natural habitat of various rare birds and is popular for its canals. You can rest your body in the Thumpoly’s sandy beach. Also popular for its canals is Thumpoly makes their route into the Arabian Sea. The Thumpoly was also called “Thompolis” meaning of this is “The town of St. Thomas” during the period of Portuguese.

A suburb of Kochi is Aroor which is a part of the Alappuzha district. The Aroor is primarily known for cultural attractions, and seafood- related industrial, bunch of historical and shrines. Seafood related industrial area to the south of Kochi is Aroor. At the northern end of Alappuzha district and the southern end of the Kochi Bypass a census town is Aroor in the Kerala state. Its name the city got from the phrase “Arayarude Oor” meaning of this place of fishermen. There are best number of churches to visit such as St. Joseph’s Chapel, St. Mary’s Church, St. Augustine’s Church and St. Antony’s Chapel which is apart from the temple. A two way entrance to the Kochi city is Aroor.

Ayurbhadra Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre
A recognized name in patient care is Ayurbhadra Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre in Alappuzha. Along with medicine, therapy of Ayurbhadra Ayurveda has a vital role in the healing of ailments. One of the well- known Body Massage Centers in Mararikulam are Ayurbhadra Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre. You can enjoy the good treatment of Panchakarma with an assured care and post treatment at reasonable rates at Ayurbhadra Ayurveda centre. After body massage centers in Alappuzha their professional services make them a sought. Equipped with the knowledge and expertise for handling many types of medical cases are including specialists a team of doctors on board. We give you authentic ayurvedic treatments to make their life better through Ayurveda and to those who are in required.

St. Andrews Church
This church is also known as the St. Sebastian’s Church which is situated near Cherthala in Arthunkal. St. Andrew’s Church was built by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century which is the largest shrine of St Sebastian in the world the church known as St. Sebastian’s International Shrine in Arthunkal and Arthunkal St. Andrew’s Basilica. It is well known as pilgrim center of Latin Catholic Christian. St. Andrew’s Church has a statue of St. Sebastian in the right wing brought from Milan (Italy). From the church to the beach, worshippers crawl on their knees on the last day.


By Road: From Marari village, Cochin is at a distance of 60 km where you easily accessible by road to Marari.

By Train: At Kottayam, Cochin and Alleppey are the nearest railway stations.

By Air: The nearest airport is Kochi to reach Marari beach. You can hire a taxi or car to reach the beach from the airport.


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