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Nelliyampathy Tourism

Nelliyampathy Tourism

One of the most breathtaking hill stations of Kerala is Nelliyampathy hill ranges has hills with height ranging from 467 m to 1572 m which is located near Kalkatty in Nenmara Town of Palakkad district. Mostly preferred by travelers is Nelliyampathy and is mostly preferred by family. Among the popular hill stations in Kerala is Nelliyampathy. From these hills the wealthy rivers originated and Nelliyampathy holds the whole essence of picturesque beauty of the Western Ghats. A verdant delight is the Nelliyampathy hills with its breathtaking landscape, picturesque setting and salubrious weather which are cradled in the wilderness of the Western Ghats.

As suitable for a traveler which is local attractions can be visited at any time of the day is it early morning. Nelliyampathy road from the small town of Nenmara begins the soul uplifting journey, eye soothing and mind refreshing to the Nelliyampathy hills via Nenmara. One of the must see Kerala places to visit in June as this place is popular for peacocks who dance in monsoons is Nelliampathy which is a charming place to visit and enjoy. All by chilling in the could filled atmosphere of Nelliyampathy which is one can get astounding visuals of the thick teak wood forest, paddy fields in the valley, an earth dam, tea and coffee plantations and orange cultivation of Nelliyampathy.

The miracle of nature improve the whole encounter and the mesmerize environment. At this place take a drive through those experiences the wealth of characteristics and thrilling hairpin turns. It is also famous for an adventure experiences and the hiking paths it offers which often known as a “Poor man’s Ooty”. February to May and September to December are the best months or season to visit places in Nelliyampathy. You can be visited in summer, winter and monsoon in this beautiful place.


Pothundi Reservoir and Dam
The Pothundi Dam was built in the 19th century by the British which is located in the Pothundi village 17 kms away from Nelliyampathy. One of the oldest dams in India is Pothundi Dam and it gives drinking water supply to the nearby panchayats and water for irrigation. Encompassed of begins steep roads and the winding to Nelliyampathi by tea plantations, enchanting waterfalls, mystical woods and several other attractions from Pothundy. Padippuzha and Meenchadyppuzha these are two tributary rivers of Ayalar Rivers where Pothundi dam was actually construct. The main source irrigation and agriculture work in the district of Palakkad is Pothundi Dam which is only the second dam in Asia constructed without using cement mixture. One of the most important sources of drinking water is Pothundi Reservoir.

Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary
In Kerala, it has one of those sanctuaries of wildlife which restores your faith in preserving the rarest wild animals. An abode to diverse varieties of aquatic fauna that includes the mugger crocodile is Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary which is located on the Western Ghats. Sloth bear, Indian tiger, Sambar, elephant, leopard, Nilgiri and langur are some of the commonly seen animals in this wildlife sanctuary. Parambikulam sanctuary also serves as an abode of many communities including Malasar, Kadar, Muduvar and Malamalasar well settled at various housing societies which are covering a huge area of 285 sq km. You can also explore its other attractions including Kanniara Teak, Salim Bird Interpretation Center, Modern Nature Interpretation Center and Salim Art Gallery while visiting the sanctuary. If you want to know how it feels while lodging in a tree house and also to get a sight of the oldest teak tree then you visit the Wildlife sanctuary.

Nelliyampathy Hills
A verdant delight is the Nelliyampathy Hills with its breathtaking landscape, picturesque setting and salubrious weather which is cradled in the wilderness of the Western Ghats. These hills are suitable for trekking and give a best view of Palakkad at an altitude ranging between 467m and 1572 m above the sea level. A famous for its pretty plantation of coffee, tea, and cardamom and orange is Nelliyampathy Hill. A sight to behold are the cloud- caressed peaks of the mesmerize Nelliyampathy Hill ranges from the town of Nenmara in Palakkad district. A good option as a picnic place and a wonderful local with facilities for boating is the Pothundy Dam. A major landmark as one proceeds up before reaching the topmost point at Palagapandi Estate are the bio- farms which is located here.

Seetharkundu Viewpoint
From Nelliampathy a viewpoint called Seethargund which is situated 8 km away. According to myths Lord Lakshman, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita were rested here during their exile. Among the historic and cultural Nelliyampathy Tourist Places is Seethargund View point. As per believed that here Goddess Sita took a bath provides the place its name “Seetarkundu”. A nearby tourist attraction is Seetharkundu Waterfalls which is known for rapidly falling water. One of the organic farms engaged in cultivating tea and coffee is Seetharkundu View point. An experience to reinvent the adventurous mind of one is hiking and trekking along the banks of river Seetharkundu. One of the splendid viewpoints is Seethargundu which is located in Palakkad, Nelliyampathy, and Kerala state.

Malampuzha Gardens
Nothing short of a heaven for kids and an amusement park are Malampuzha Gardens. Malampuzha famous for its Children Park’s with a mini zoo, a toy train and an aquarium and is also a major tourist attraction of Nelliyampathy. Boating and other facilities for activity are also available. Premise of the garden also comprises of a swimming pool, a reservoir, a canal. Across the canal and a small Japanese style garden graces the Malapuzha Gardens there is a hanging bridge. Other famous attractions of this complex are the Rock Garden, thread gardens, Snake Park, Telescope Tower and road train trips. A star attraction of the gardens is a statue of Yakshi crafted by a popular sculpture artist Kanai Kunhiraman.

Palagapandi Estate
The most famous tourist attraction in this scenic hill town is Palagapandi Estate. As the main landmark of Nelliyampathy hill station which considered is Palagapandi Estate. During the British rule, this place is popular for cardamom, tea and coffee. Under the British rule, house of the estate a charming old Bungalow is established. The Lord himself is facing west while the deity of Anjaneya is facing south. Served as a best barrier and engulfed by water on the outside is Palagapandi Estate.

This is believed to be the tallest peak of Nelliyampathy Hills which is a famous picnic spot among locals as well as tourists. Padagiri is at a height of around 1500 m above sea level which is considered as the tallest peak of Nelliyampathy Hills. Also it is popular as Nellikota. A very famous picnic destination of this area bounded with plantation of lovely teak is Padagiri. The majestic teak plantation is the most striking feature of the peak. The Padagiri is particularly famed for the plantations featuring them and its tall teak trees. Mayanmudi, Vellichamudi, Valiyana and Velavanchan are nearby similar peaks.

A mesmerize sight to behold is Peacocks dancing with their radiant quills spread around. Abundantly peacock will be seen in Mayailadumpara which means “The rock in which peacock danced” in Malayalam local language. At this place, the natural habitat of wonderful mesmerize peacocks which are facing extinction is the Choolanoor Peacock Sanctuary. You will be able to hear the piercing squawks of these pretty creatures bordered by scattered rocks and tall trees while you are on the winding road which leads to this peacock country. Peacocks the radiant quills and most colorful in South India among all the peacocks in the world. You have higher opportunity of observing the Peacock dance if you visit the Mayiladumpura early in the morning. Mostly during dusk and dawn the birds can be seen.

Nenmara Vallangi Mela
A rural village is Nenmara. One of the most places annual festivals of Kerala is Vallanghy Nenmara Vela and Nenmara Vallanghy Vela. This place is popular for its rituals and grandeur which is situated on the lap of the hills surrounding the Nelliyampathy forest. Bifurcated in to two parts namely Vallangi and Nenmara is Nenmara Vallangi Mela. Another famous event celebrated in the area post rice harvesting is Trissur Pooram. During this time period, one gets to witness some beautiful art forms such as Karivela, Andivela and Kummatti. The Trissur Pooram is another popular festival of the Nenmara. Here, the people are coming to enjoy the fantasy of the festival from different states and other countries.

By Road: This place is well linked to various South Indian cities via many bus services. The nearest point to the town which is approachable from cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore through bus of inters- state is the national highway 47 which passes through Nenmara.

By Train: The closest railway station is Palakkad station which lying nearly 60 km from Nelliyampathy. A major junction connected with many other cities in India is Nelliyampathy.

By Air: Coimbatore airport is the nearest airbase to the town of Nelliyampathy from your destination is situated about 120 km. Outside the airport taxis are easily available.


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