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Thrissur Tourism

Thrissur Tourism

THRISSUR TOUR A paradise on earth and the major attractions in Kumarakom, Munnar and Alleppey is Kerala. The culture capital is Kerala is Thrissur which is originally known as “Thirusivapperoor”. Thrissur is still preserved and is spiritual abundance, culture and religious has been historically recorded. You have got to include these best places to visit in Thrissur if you also wish to get a glimpse of the cultural beauty of state in all its glory. A wonderful district located right in the middle of Kerala which is the cradle of culture which is known as the cultural capital is Thrissur. Denoted as the “Golden capital of Kerala” the surprisingly high sales of god happening every year here that’s why the Thrissur city is.

Throughout history, it is also known as the “Kerala’s Cultural Capital” it’s learning of religious, cultural and spiritual that’s why. It has something for every type of traveler with innumerable beaches, temples, hillocks and more. There will be no other district in Kerala which is would be doing consistently well in business over years in fact. The Thrissur Pooram that is celebrated without fail in every year is one must mention the mother of all poorams which is talking about its cultural extravaganza. The third largest urban agglomeration, the fifth largest city is Thrissur which is previously known by its anglicized form as Trichur. Once capital the Cochin kingdom was Thrissur.

From all over the world to the city this is colorfully spectacular and pulls in a large number of tourists only to watch this festival which is held in between month of April and May. Rainfall being low is from October to February and terms of temperature are the best time to visit in Thrissur. A best season to visit Thrissur is Monsoon season. Throughout the year both for the lows and highs remains constant no distinct seasons and the average temperature of this city are here.


Vadakkunnathan Temple
Amongst the top Thrissur tourist places is Vadakkunnathan Temple being the oldest and most popular temples of Lord Shiva in Kerala. One of the largest and ancient Lord Shiva temples in Kerala is Vadakkumnathan Temple which is also known as Vrishabhachalam or Thenkailasam. This temple has a long history which traces return to the starting of Thrissur and is the abode of Lord Shiva. You can see devotees paying their respects to the all year through of Lord of Destruction being a very popular temple in Kerala. It displays the most classic example of Kerala style architecture as well as it is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. Famous for being the place of Pooram festival is Vadakkumnatha.

Shakthan Thampuran Palace
One of the most attractive palaces in Kerala is Shakthan Thampuran Palace. Esteem of its legacy and goes return to the season of the King of Cochin named Thampuran of Rama Varma Shakthan which is prevalently known as Vadakkekara Palace. Especially for admire of an art a captivating sight to behold is the Dutch style architecture of palace which is built in 1791 by Raja Rama Varma IC. The attraction inside it such as small museum which showcases old relics and antiquities through this makes it unique. They can without much of a stretch spend a family cookout in the garden of huge and stunning of the royal residence in the event which one can look for earlier consent.

Dolours Basilica
The Dolours Basilica or Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours shrines such a white gemstone in the city which is situated amidst the valley of lush green. The tallest and biggest church in Asia is Dolours Basilica which is believed to be the first Catholic Church in India. A minor basilica of the Syro- Malabar Catholic Church in the city of Thrissur is our Lady of Dolours Basilica pseudonym Puthanpally. Dolours Basilica church is well known for its Gothic style architecture and is situated right in the heart of Thrissur city which is also known as Bible Tower or Puthan Palli. Special attractions of this church are eight music bells imported from Germany and the church is dedicated to Mother Mary. So exhilarating and must definitely be experienced is Dolours Basilica Church.

Thrissur Zoo and State Museum
One of the best places to visit is Thrissur Zoo & Museum in Thrissur which is located right in the heart of the city. You can see so many different kinds of flora and fauna while making friends and playing hide and seek with the reptile of crawling, enjoying the incredible grace of the deer, faces with the monkeys and marveling at the king of the jungle within the 13.5 acres of a well maintained compound. Great to treat the history lover in you are the artifacts in the museum perfect to calm the wildlife enthusiast within you while pretty flora and fauna. You can head to the state museum and research on the many ancient jewelry and artifacts which mark lifestyle and culture of India but after touring the zoo.

Athirapilly Waterfalls
One of the most famous tourism destinations in Kerala is Athirapilly waterfalls in Thrissur. Amongst the top places to see in Thrissur is Athirapilly waterfalls which are located 60 km from the city. One of the best attractions you must include in Munnar packages is waterfall of Athirapilly. Don’t think much and head right to this place if you are looking for a blissful escape. A bio diversity hotspot with 85 species of fresh water fish living in it is this river. The waterfalls at Athirappilly has soothing melodious rhythmic sounds which makes it so rejuvenating and relaxing which is located right at the entrance of Sholayar ranges. Athirapilly falls plummets to the rock bed of Chalakkudy River from a height of about 24 m which originating from the deep forests of Sholayar ranges.

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple
One of the most popular Hindu Pilgrim centers not only best places to visit in Thrissur in Kerala is Guruvayoor which is located 30 km from Thrissur. Especially when lit everything is worth witnessing from the architectural beauty of the temple to the minute crafts within. The first rays of Sun fall directly at the Lord Krishna’s feet on the day of Malayalam New Year. Every year this temple attracts lakhs of devotees which is known as Dwaraka of the South. The 33.5 m high gold plated Dwajasthambam is the astonishing feature of the temple. The main festival celebrated in between the month of March and April is Guruvayoor Ekadasi. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple do pay a visit to this shrine of sacred when you are in Thrissur.

An ideal spot to be is Vilangankunnu if you’re looking for surreal places to visit in and around Thrissur. From Thrissur town Vilangankunnu is situated just 7 km away which is a small hillock. The splendid views make it equally worth visiting for others while there are rides for kids in the park. One of the great places in the city to enjoy the sunset and to get an eye view of birds watching in Thrissur is an interesting fact about Vilangankunnu. An open space where one can appreciate and unwind the view is over the slope there. The idyllic destination to try and amaze oneself with the immense nature’s beauty is Vilangankunnu if you are travelling in Kerala and also looking for a day trip to enjoy.

Punnathur Kotta
An elephant sanctuary is Punnathur Kotta. A lot to do here which would keep you entertained is there from spotting an elephants in their natural habitat to watching them do their chores. You can watch fascinating animals in their natural habitat at Punnathur Kotta. Elephant Sanctuary of Punnathurkotta is regarded as the largest elephant sanctuary in the world which is also known as Anakotta or Elephant Fort. After the temple here you can visit right the Punnathur Kotta. Groomed for many ritualistic performances in festivals such as Thrissur Pooram are these elephants. Chimmini Dam, Thiruvambady Sri Krishna Temple, Peechi Dam, St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church and Viyyur Jail Park which places are there definitely worth visiting nevertheless which are not mentioned here.

Chavakkad Beach
A pretty beach lying on the coast of Arabian Sea is Chavakkad Beach which is situated at a distance of 32 km from Thrissur Railway station. Where you can hang out and watch the waves crashing against the rocks is Chavakkad Beach which is one of the must visit beaches of Kerala. One of the famous beaches of Kerala is Chavakkad Beach for its ‘Azhimukham’ or estuary which is situated along the coast of Arabian Sea on the Western part of Thrissur District. The sunset view makes it a little paradise in the city and the sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the golden sand. Full of natural beauty that is the beach.

Archaeological Museum
The most intriguing place to visit is the popular Archaeological Museum of all the scenic tourist spots in Thrissur. The abode of Lord Shiva is Vadakkumnathan and has a long history which traces return to the starting of Thrissur. You can see devotees paying their respect to the Destruction’s Lord all year through being a very popular temple in Kerala. Megaliths, Veerakallu, olagrandhangal and temple models which are some of the finest murals that you can spot here. Within the museum complex there is also a heritage garden. A set of manuscripts written on leave of dry palm is an interesting collection.

Kerala Kalamandalam
One of the most revered places for the form of traditional art of Kerala is Kalamandalam of Kerala which is founded by Manakkulam Mukunda Raja and Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon in 1930. The only one in the state which is constructing outside a temple complex is the traditional dance theatre at Kalamandalam. This is where you go if you are looking for serious insight into the many art forms of Kerala. Kalamandalam is located on the banks of Bharathapuzha River at a distance of 29 km from Thrissur Railway station.

Arattupuzha Temple
A popular temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa is the Arattupuzha Temple which is situated at a distance of 2 km from Railway station of Thrissur. A famous pilgrim spot is Arattupuzha Temple which is located in the vicinity of Thrissur. In Thrissur district of Kerala, Arattupuzha is located which is a culturally significant village. ‘Thidambu’ is carried on a decorated elephant which is accompanied by drummers and 8 elephants on the 5th day of festival. This temple is dedicated to Sage Vasishta. The ceremonial procession carrying the images of the deities is the uniqueness of the festival of temple. The presiding deity at the Sree Sastha Temple which is visited by goddesses and gods of the village of neighboring, Lord Ayyappa, is believed that during the festival period.

Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple
This temple is the largest Bagavathi Temple in India which is constructing in a distinctive Kerala temple architecture. One of the two groups participating in Thrissur Pooram is Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple. Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple is very close to Vadakkumnathan Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. Mandalam Pattu, Thrissur Pooram, Vella Maha Sivarathri, Ellam Nira- Chanthattam, Prethishtta Day, Dasapattu, Pathamudhayam and Navarathri these are some important festivals celebrated in the temple. Regarded among the biggest Bhagavathi temples of Kerala is Paramekavu Bhagavathy Temple which is located in the city of Thrissur. Very famous for its traditional panchavadyam “Palachottil Melon” is Paramekkavu Bhagavathy temple.

By Road: Road way is strong to Thrissur as it connects the city to the major cities such as Chalakudi, Ernakulam, Kollam, Arur, Alappuzha and Shertallai.

By Train: The nearest railway station is the Trichur which is connects the city with the major cities of India. From the cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi here daily trains are available.

By Air: The nearest airport is the Kochi International airport which is well linked to all the major cities of India. From the Middle East, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Europe the airport is also connected with direct fights. From Kochi airport you can also hire a taxi to reach Thrissur.


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