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Vagamoni Tourism

Vagamoni Tourism

A small hill station which emerges from within the borders of Idukki district is Vagamon in Kerala. Now the eye of major tourist activity is forgotten land and this sleepy town which was once a quiet. Comprised of a majestic series of valleys, cascading waterfalls and hillocks is Vagamon hill station which makes it the ideal gateway for tourists. An option of rock climbing, trekking or paragliding is there for adventure seekers. Very easily accessible and offers up a melange of sights close to nature which city dwellers would pay anything to have is the place which despite its remoteness. A treat for everyone is the town with its bunch of tourist places in Vagamon. In compare to other hill stations of Kerala, the Vagamon hill station offers you a different and unique environ.

One of the very few places in India is Vagamon which is still not touched by commercialized and one of the must- visited places in Kerala. A treat for everyone is the town with its bunch of tourist places in Vagamon. There are a few splendid places to visit in Vagamon before you leave this hilly town. Near Vagamon, worth adding to your itinerary also are the tourist places. The perfect conditions if you are willing to experience the peace of mind then Vagamon gives. A very ideal tourist spot which surrounded by the greenery of deep puzzling valleys, tea gardens, dales and pretty meadows is Vagamon. Meandering rivulets and scenic ravines with a never- ending line of lush green hills.

Generally, this place has a temperature varying between 10 and 25 degree Celsius being a hill station. Throughout the year the weather is mostly pleasant. This place is also on the travel charts of many eco- tourists, during monsoon some of whom prefer visiting the town being rich in biodiversity. The gardens look bathed and pretty best just after a shower on a rainy day at their which soaked in the wetness of an early morning shower.


Pine Forests
If you are a forest lover then the Pine forest is the first place to hit in Vagamon leaving all other tourist places in Vagamon out. You will actually walk into the woods and a famous English phrase and going to the Pine Hills is “Walking into the woods”. Here you can also spend as much time. Originally a manmade one is this sparse wood which is a famous shooting spot for movie makers. The forest still stands overlooking the enchanting valley which is created during the British Raj. The twin greatest attractions of Vagamon are the Maramala Falls and Pine Forests. Use their time here to rest in the lap of nature or stroll down the hill and most tourists find this place relaxing which is a wonderful experience being so close to nature.

Marmala Waterfall
One of the top places to visit in Vagamon is Marmala Waterfalls which is located along the Erattupetta route. A scenic natural water body which cascades from a height of 60 m is Maramala Waterfalls which is situated amidst dense vegetation. Several waterfalls into the forest on one side with grassy hillocks stretching are there at Vagamon and ending on the other at the cliff. This is a 131st waterfall nestled amidst thick greenery which is a place as pristine and unspoiled as Vagamon itself. The waterfall was an obscure spot even until a few years which is falling inside what is officially a private estate. One of the great places to visit in Vagamon is Marmala waterfalls, located in the Erattupetta. The steep hill tract is along the ridge which gives access to an area of waterfall and along that, there can be various pavilions to enjoy wind, the countless view of the hill escapes and rain.

Thangal Para
One of the most wonderful view points of Vagamon is Thangal Para although recognized as a place of pilgrim. A large boulder of rock which is also the resting place of Sufi Saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba is Thangal Para it is believed that about 800 years ago he have reached Kerala from Afghanistan. This is a picturesque attraction which is situated 2500 meters above the sea level. The stone grew in size after his death. You have to walk through the rocky terrains to reach to the exact spot though the place is accessible by vehicles. Thangal Para is also a place of beauty other than being a pilgrimage place with a mesmerize views it offers. A famous dargah which witnesses a lot of devotee’s everyday is Thangal Para which is situated in the scenic landscape of Vagamon. This place is very interesting to walk across the hills. Also a place that you must not forget to visit is an ancient cave near the Thangal Para.

Barren Hills
A popular attraction with vast stretches of lush green meadows is Barren Hills which is also a treat to the eyes. The hill are popular for paragliding, rock climbing and trekking which making it a perfect attraction for seeker of adventure because of its terrain. One of the most enticing places to visit in Vagamon is the Barren Hills although the name does not do much to grab the attention of the visitors. The hills change different in each season as the cycle of season rolls on from lush to bare. If you want to experience all the four seasons in Kerala to be this is one place. The view of sunset which it offers draws people in huge amount.

Vagamon Lake
A splendid sightseeing location within the borders of this town is the Vagamon Lake. The perfect companion for its small and silent town is the Vagamon Lake. There is narrow walking bridge across the lake. An ideal place to shed some calories and not feel exhausted at all is Vagamon Lake though not a big one as in Kodaikanal or Munnar. Not a large one but is big enough for rowing, similar water activities and boating is the Vagamon Lake. Quite town of Kerala, a perfect companion to this sleeps and bordered by hilly elevations which are clothed in verdant greenery is Vagamon Lake. The place is calm and clean which is only for few visitors reach here. One of the highest rated Vagamon tourist spots is this lake. The great way to have a memorable time with family and kids is Vagamon Lake.

Mundakayam Ghat
A ghat which is passing through a majestic terrain in the region is Mundakayam Ghat. This place is popular for nature walks and bird watching. One can get a wonderful best view of the picturesque location as well. An unfavorable and the rocky road leading up this place make it all the most elusive which is one among the most highly recommended Vagamon palces to visit and a famous sunrise and sunset point. Mundakayam Ghat is also known as Amruthamedu or Mundakayam Ghat and is a good trekking destination. The begin point of Vagamon Paragliding is Mundakayam Ghat. This place is tranquil where you can experience the fresh and cool wind.

Vagamon Falls
The Vagamon falls makes a picturesque destination for a short couple of hour’s day trip which is a second fall that makes it to the Vagamon tourist places list. Its picturesque surroundings and milky water make it worth a halt although tranquil small. A popular picnic spot is Vagamon Fall which amidst dense vegetation and wonderful surroundings. A perfect attraction for nature lovers and also called Palaruvi is the waterfall. The picturesque beauty a paradise for photographers and a treat to the eyes is the sight of the waterfall gushing down the slopes. The water looks such as flowing milk with its white color as the name says. During non- rainy months, the water falls are dry.

Kurisumala Ashram
One o the famous Christian pilgrimage center in Vagamonand and at the time of Good Friday week usually flocked that is Kurisumala. Meaning of the Kurisumala is the mountain of cross. A monastery and a Christian Pilgrimage Center is Kurisumala. Follower of Kurisumala comes to climb up the hills with wooden crosses from various part of the country. One of the most famous tourist places in Vagamon is Kurisumala. You will reach the church which was built in 1904 following the way of cross with 14 stations. Over there you will enjoy the mist and the view is spectacular from there. One among the top pilgrim locations in Kerala is Kurisumala Ashram. A milk processing and packing unit associated to the Monastery and a dairy farm is there. Appointment needs to visit the Ashram.

Idukki Dam
A geometric Dam is the Idukki Dam which is across the wonderful Periyar River. Idukki dam is the first Arch of an Asia which is built across the Periyar River between the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. Idukki dam is built along with two other dams at Kulamavu and Cheruthoni. All over country the construct of the dam which is a double curvature arch gravitate people and as one of the Vagamon Kerala tourist places which enlists itself. Also Idukki dam supports the hydroelectric power station of 780 Mega Watt Moolamattom. A must see for anyone and everyone who admires nature is Idukki dam which is overlooking a scene that equals to an imagination of painter. Idukki was with the long term grants which offered by the Canada’s government that Idukki dam was construct.

Pattumala Church
A popular pilgrim center is Pattumala Church of St. Mary which is located not far from the place. From the popular Velankanni Mother Church at Velakanni in Tamil Nadu, the consecrated shrine is brought which is present here. A visual treat is the architectural beauty of the structure amidst plantation of lush green tea. A marvelous Roman Catholic Latin Rite Church is Pattumalai Church which was designed by JP Bright. “Hill draped in Silk” is the meaning of the name Pattumala. This place is an apt description of the attraction which is surrounded by the tea plantations down the slope. Pattumala Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health.

Mangala Devi Temple
Mangala Devi temple is hidden which is an ancient temple in the dense forest at the top of a peak 1337 m above the sea level. During the month of April and May visitors are allowed only on the Chithra Pournami festival day organized here. Mangaladevi Temple is dedicated to Shakti of Hindu god in the form of Mangaladevi. One of the ten avatars of Hindu God Vishnu which is believed to have been constructing by Parashurama is this temple as per other myths. Command of the peak a splendid view of the eastern slopes of the ghats and some hill villages of Tamil Nadu. Around the sanctum for other deities of shrine are there.


By Road: From Cochin, this place is 10 km away where you can be easily reached via road. The hill station with the town where local taxies, state tourism buses and cabs are also available. Direct buses are also available to and from Munnar, Cochin, Kottayam, Trivandrum and Madurai.

By Train: The nearest station to Vagamon is Kottayam which is situated at 64 km away. From Vagamon, Madhurai is located 149 km away. Taxis, buses and cabs are easily available for covering the rest of the journey.

By Air: The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport to Vagamon. You can also take a car, cab or bus from there.


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