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Varkala Tourism

Varkala Tourism

A majestic beach with a high cliff part and a little seaside is Varkala Beach which is among the great seaside places in Kerala and is complete of action. Reputation as a tourist hotspot is well- known is Kerala. From all over the world, Varkala Tourism has the charm and potential to attract tourists which is well known for the Varkala Beach and naturally abundant. An ideal holiday destination for the tourists who want a peaceful and mesmerize vacation is Varkala Beach in Kerala which is located in the south Kerala at north end border of the Trivandrum district. At Sivagiri an important Hindu pilgrimage centre with the memorial of Sree Narayana Guru that frequented from South India by Hindu pilgrims is Varkala and also it has a shade of culture to it.

From other countries as its journey among people quite well known is the seaside and enjoyment also gives many interesting activities like ayurvedic massages, sun bathing, boat riding and surfing. One of the most famous beaches in the state is Varkala Beach which is high cliff bordering and just some of the attractions are uninhabited islands such as Ponnumthuruthu Island which is known for its pristine beauty. As it is believed that Varkala Beach is also called Papanasam beach here taking bath away all sins. Varkala beach is very popular for ayurvedic centers, spa and mineral springs which offerings the great therapies and treatments. One of the finest cases for the appeal of Own Country of God is a majestic and unique destination of Varkala.

The south east end is for Hindu lovers & the northern end is for sun worshippers and the varkala tourist attraction of sightseeing are include such as Kappil Lake, Sivagiri Mutt, Varkala Beach and Janardhana Temple. Over here art /creative workshops are also offered apart from these. From all over the world spend holidaying in Varkala provides an enjoyable experience as there are many attractions where group a huge amount of tourists. At this place honeymooners to spend holidays or beautiful vibrant and beach of cliff clad environs provide a cheerful feel which attract beach lovers. A splendid destination available in many Varkala’s resort to chill out and revitalize your senses at popular Ayurvedic massage centers which summing up. One range long and divided into two is Varkala seaside.


Varkala Beach
One of the most famous attractions of town which is a visit to Varkala tourist places must start with Varkala Beach. The only place in this part of Kerala near the Arabian Sea which has cliffs is the town in fact. There are water spouts and spas to explore that are believed to be healing and sacred which aside from the majestic view from up top. Unlike any other beach in the area with beauty of impeccable is “Destroyer of Sins” which is meaning of Papanasam Beach. One of a kind is the sublime beauty of Varkala beach. Along the beach call for a serene walk and especially pristine are sunsets at the Varkala Beach. An exotic treat to watch is the view of sunset and sunrise from the Varkala beach.

Janardana Swami Temple
A place of worship for followers of Vishnu is Janardana Swami Temple which is 2,000 years old and still standing strong. This shrine is considered a holy shrine which is located in the direction of Papasnanam beach. In this part of the country, this temple is famous as it is the only shrine which is dedicated to Vishnu in the Janardhana name. Atop the hill has brought a sobriquet for the Southern Kasi (Benares), region the temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu. The shrines of Shiva and Sasta with Nandi are on the north eastern side of the outer enclosure and in the south western corner. If you want to see colorful processions, during this period then you can plan your holiday tour. From this world this place is important for ‘Pithrutharpanam’ which is an offering in honor of their relatives who have departed and is also called “Varanasi of South or the “Dakshina Kasi”.

Sivagiri Mutt
A famous tourist attraction is Sivagiri Mutt which is the tomb and ashram of Sri Narayana Guru is located atop Sivagiri Hills. During the Pilgrimage of Sivagiri a huge amount of pilgrims come to Sivagiri annually. This is on top of the Sivagiri Mountain by Sri Narayana Guru who is popular for the slogan “One God, One Caste, One Religious beliefs” in designed on 1904. This is situated near Varkala above the Sivagiri Mountains. Here another major pilgrim center is Sivagiri Mutt which is instituted by Sree Narayana Guru. Every year, this ashram celebrates the Guru Deva Samadhi and Guru Deva Jayanti. The headquarters of Sangham of the Sree Narayana Dharma is the premises of the site. From other pilgrimage of religious distinct is the rituals observed during the period.

Kappil Lake
One of the top places to visit in Varkala of Kerala is Kappil Lake. A majestic estuary popular for being a peaceful picnic spot that surrounded by tree of dense coconut is Kappil Lake. From the daily hassle an amazing getaway is Kappil Lake. From the bridge over the lake, the Kappil Lake offers a scenic view which can be witnessed clearly and further becomes a part of the Arabian Sea. An instant escape, Kappil Lake is extremely picturesque and serene with coconut groves and water of placid creating. Also this is popular for pedal boating.

Anjengo Fort (Anchengo) & Light House
The British had a hard time pronouncing the Anchuthengu towns where the fort was built and Anjengo instead called it according to the local legend. This fort is believed to have been built in 17th century which is situated 12 km off Varkala at Anjengo. A National Heritage monument tagged with foreign connection- Portugese and Dutch and the shelter of fort quite burials inside and an old cemetery is Anjengo Fort. Also this fort houses a cemetery which has the mortal remains of the occupants of the fort which is preserved under Monument of National Heritage. The finest way to experience the place and high rise ceilings that have a history inscribed on them and have a look at the pillars is a walk around the fort.

Varkala Tunnel
An old tunnel is Varkala Tunnel which is built by Sir T. Madhava Rao (was the Dewan of Travancore during this time) in 1867. A famous tourist highlight for its wonderful construction is Varkala Tunnel. One of the historic sites of the region is Varkala Tunnel which is also known as Varkala Turuthu. During the pre- independence era the tunnel played a vital role in transferring ferry goods and people with a length of 924 feet around from Thiruvananthapuram. In the region a best example of the Colonial era architecture is this historic inland waterway. From Trivandrum, this century old tunnel is about 41 km which is an etched out under a cliff.

Edava Beach
The virgin stretches circling a blue lagoon where backwaters and sea run parallel is divided by a more than 1 km of straight road are the Edava beaches which is un- spoilt and untouched by tourist activities. A quaint little town in the Thiruvananthapuram district is Edava which overlooks the mighty Arabian Sea its set amidst two gorgeous cities of Paravur in the north and the city of Varkala in the south. Here an estuary which connects the sea with the backwaters is there. One of the best places to visit in Varkala is Edava Beach which has home to serene canals, extended beaches, backwaters lakes and cliffs.

Varkala Aquarium
It has a crash collection of fishes which can be viewed from a walkway that spirals upwards in a number of large sized. In Varkala Aquarium one can find a number of species including Eels, Karimeen, Pirahnas etc. A perfect attraction to see over a picnic of day- long is the aquarium. Also it has a 3D theatre where information about more species of fishes is given using the technology of 3D.

Papanasam Beach
Picturesque seashore is Papanasam Beach which is popular amongst lover of beach. Papanasam Beach is popular for religious and spiritual purposes and is called Varkala Beach. It is believed that people taking a dip in the sea washes away sins of one. Thus providing healing properties to the sea water is most of which have medicinal properties nearby the water also washes the plants. Papanasam beach is the scenic location which is also popular for a natural water spout nearby and the Varkala Cliff.

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid
One of the important Centre of Sunni Pilgrimage is Kaduvayil Juma Masjid which is dedicated to a Saint Kaduvayil Thangal who was the Muslim Saint is believed to have power of magical but it’s pretty architecture also attracts tourists in the region. Counted among one of the vital center of Sunni pilgrimage which attracts both local devotees and Muslims of other faiths is this shrine. Possess of the well continued structure a divine vibe which can put at peace in an instant a troubled soul.

Sarkara Devi Temple
This temple is popular for the Kaliyoot festival is celebrated in March which is the Malayalam month of Kumbh every year and during Attavishesham, Meenabharani festival is organized. One of the ancient temples is Sarkara Devi Temple which is located in the vicinity of Varkala at Chirayinkeezhu. The temple of Sree Saraswathy is famously known as Vidya Devi Temple which is located in the vicinity at Edava. A presentation of the legendary figures Darika and Bhadrakali who represent good and evil respectively is Kaliyoot. During celebrations of Vijayadeshmi Vidyarambam and Navarathri Sangeetholsavam these temples are frequented.


By Road: Varkala is well connected by road from both Trivandrum and Kochi. From the major bus stands within the city you will find KSRTC buses in abundance running.

By Train: The closest railhead is Varkala train station coming from Kollam and Thriuvananthapuram which has access to trains. After Trivandrum Central, an important station is this. It serves a convenient rail way to connect the city with major cities and other parts of kerala like Mangalore, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kochi.

By Air: The Thiruvanthapuram airport is the closest airport is located at a 36 km away distance. From the airport to Varkala, taxis are easily available.


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