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Wayanad Tourism

Wayanad Tourism

This spectacular town is renowned for its natural life and zest ranches which are located with charming home stays, waterfalls, caves and resorts. This place has a huge amount of alternatives for its guests among the most beautiful territories of Kerala. The headquarters of the town of Kalpetta is situated in the north- east region of Kerala. This district is a sleepy one with high and low a hill in separate areas. One of the countless things you can do to experience Wayanad are strolling through an estate of sprawling flavor which is taking that trek into the pre- memorable provides in and encountering a resort occasion. Atop the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2100 m is Wayanad which is fondly known as “The Land of Paddy Fields” amid the native tribes of this region.

Ensured to satisfy your travel detects is Wayanad which is an incredible place to spot lovely landscape, wild elephants and cool wind. One can find the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to creatures including egrets, Asiatic elephants, tigers and panthers, a rich and forested locale with regions of high elevation in the east. One can find wonderful Wayanad attractions such as Edakkal Caves which contain antiquated petro glyphs, some going return to the Neolithic age in the Ambukuthi Hills toward the south. During summer, one of the great places to visit in Kerala and a blend of nature and heaven together are Wayanad which is tranquil and restful, tradition and wildlife, enriched with picturesque beauty.

Wayanad was under the rule of the Kings of the Veda tribe in an ancient time. During August and September, this place is celebrates Onam which is a popular festival of Kerala. Wayanad is the only district of Kerala which is borders both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The forests are the most attractive feature of Wayanad. Moru kootan, Pal payasam, Poricha kootu, Avvial and many more is some special cuisines of Wayanad. The best time to visit the Wayanad is throughout the year. Remain of although the temperature in Wayanad but October- May is the great time to visit, nearly constant throughout the year. During this period of time, the weather is extremely good.


Chembra Peak
A mountain peak in Western Ghats of Wayanad district is Chembra Peak at a distance of 17 km from Kalpetta. The third highest peak in South India and the highest peak in Wayanad is Chembra Peak which is located at an elevation of 2100 m above the sea level. One of the most enjoyable experiences that tourists have encountered is the trek to Chembra Peak although a bit of a dicey task. The great way to experience the wilderness which is this hill valley is the day long trek. Here, famous activities are mountain climbing and trekking.
The Ghats are known to have many popular peaks in its collection but none more than Chembra Peak in the Wayanad Hills at Mepaddy which is an abode by the clouds. Conceivable are one- day treks and two- day natural life treks with authorization from the forest Department. The picturesque view of Wayanad greets one from the peak but after traversing through the backwoods. A part of the Wayanad Hill Range is Chembra Peak.

Banasura Sagar Dam
The second largest dam in Asia and the largest earthen dam in India is Banasura Sagar Dam at a distance of 41 km from Sulthan Bathery, 22 km from Kalpetta, and 21 km from Mananthavady. A dream of photographer is the sprawling area of clear water, incredible during monsoons is the view and dotted with tiny islands. A part of the Banasurasagar Project of India consisting of a canal and a dam project is Banasura Sagar Dam.
A major sightseeing in Wayanad city is Banasura Sagar Dam and offering the most splendid view are Banasura Hills on the islands. One of the most wonderful places not just in Kerala but the entire country is Banasyra Dam which is an ideal picnic spot. Near the dam, a small garden and children play are is there. We can see some islands formed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas in the reservoir. A place of best natural beauty is the dam.

Edakkal Cave
A majestic structure is the Edakkal Cave which is situated in the Ambukuthy Mountain. This is another Wayanad attractions which is a must visit for you if you are looking for some Wayanad tourist places. One of the prime tourist places to visit in Wayanad is Edakkal Caves with a length and width of 9ft and 22ft respectively. Naturally occurring alcoves located in the Kerala’s Wayanad district are the pre- historic Edakkal Caves which is popular for its carving of wall and exquisite rock. One needs to trek for one and half hour to hit the cave entrance and another 45 minutes to reach the mouth of the cave due to its precarious location. Estimated to be as old as 5000 BC to 1000 BC, which is the stone work in the interior of the cave. From the entrance of main cave are picturesque is the views of Wayanad hills and surrounding peaks. The sole place where tourists can see Stone Age carvings in South India is Edakkal Cave with few of them belonging to the Age of Neolithic and Mesolithic.

Pookot Lake
You should visit Pookote Lake which is a major hill station and is considered to be one of the great places to visit in Wayanad when you visit Wayanad. Another famous attraction and one of the must visit is the Pookot Lake. Going to make your tour genuinely memorable and revitalizing is captivating charm and the pleasant weather of the place along with its exquisite beauty. A species of cyprinid fish which is known to occur only in Pookote Lake is Pethia Pookodensis. One of the highest and smallest freshwater lakes in Kerala is Pookot Lake which is situated very close to acknowledged and Kalpetta.
Various birds, flies and wild animals present in the forests are there which surrounds the lake making it rich in fauna. Near the Pookat Lake, a small hatchery for Mahseer fish is there. Among the tourist attractions are children’s park, fresh water, boating facilities, handicrafts and spices emporium. From the fast moving life of the city, a must visit place for all the nature lovers out there, want to spend some precious time that is Pookat Lake.

Kuruva Island
The Kuruva Island is the most famous tourist location of Wayanad district. This place is also known as the Kuruva Dweep, lies on the banks of the Kabini River’s tributary. The main attractions of the island from its scenic natural beauty are rare species of herbs, birds and orchids. A place of profound peacefulness and calm is this quaint retreat from the busy city life. Monitored and restricted by the Kerala’s Forest Department is entrance to the island. An experience everyone wants to have in the fast- paced and chaotic world of today which is the serenity of the island is sure to put you at ease. A group of islands which can be accessed by rafts and boats is Kuruva Island since it lies in the delta region. Kuruva Island is very popular for Bamboo Rafting and Bird Watching. Only occupied by flora, herbs and rare birds which is a sight to sore eyes is Kuruva Island. The bridges made of bamboo and rare species of trees are other different features of these islands.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
A sanctuary and Elephant Reserve in Wayand district of Kerala is Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 39 km from Kalpetta and 14 km from Sulthan Bathery. This is one of the major places to visit in Wayanad and is also popular animal sanctuary in Kerala. The second largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. An outstanding option to remain safe as well as increase an opportunity of animal sighting is Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. There inside the sanctuary are some endangered species of fauna and flora.
Given by the Forest Department to the tourists are elephant rides. Easily found in the rivers and streams flowing through the sanctuary are different varieties of fish, like giant danio, Malabar catopra, Wayanad mystus, korhi barb, snake heads and Wayanad barb. Tholpetty lies to the north of Thirunelli on the other hand. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is popular for its very rich biodiversity and also borders the ranges namely Sulthan Bathery and Kurichiat located in Kerala. Covered with semi evergreen tree pastures and moist deciduous teak forests are the sanctuary.

Chain Tree, Vythiri
From different parts of the world, one of the explored Wayanad attractions but with an old history and a lot of admires is Chain Tree. A large ficus tree standing by the wayside at this wonderful tourist spot in Wayanad is the legendary Chain Tree of Lakkidi. The base area from where the climb to begin of Wayanad which is local lore has it that a tribal youth named Karinthandan was instrumental in guiding a British engineer to reach Wayanad from Adivaram. The engineer took him to the peak of a mountain and shot him dead there to take credits for the discovery of this wonderful place but after discovering the unknown ways.
The Adivasi Mahouts took them to the top of mountains another story says that when the British first came to Wayanad. They did not want the Mahouts to go return and get the Portuguese as the Portuguese were close behind them. Legend says that the British engineer killed the youth but after learning the way and eager to take credit for the discovery. He knew every corner and nook of the hillocks in the region being the local chieftain of Adivaram region.

Jain Temple, Sulthan Bathery
Located in the heart of Sulthan Bathery town in Wayanad district, an ancient temple is Jain Temple at a distance of 24 km from Kalpetta. Accepted to have been worked amid the thirteenth century is the Bathery Temple in Sulthan Bathery which is a standout amongst the most imperative among the countless Jain temples in Kerala. Across the country one of the holiest sites for Jainism which lies in the beautiful hills of Sulthan Bathery. At Kalpetta, the idol of deity is currently in the Ananthanath Temple. The somewhat checked history of the sanctuary which initially filled in as worship’s place, as the ammo store or battery of armed force of Tipu Sulthan, next as a focal point of business exchange lastly is another interesting element. During the festival, open of the Jains for worship is the temple. Cleared in granites are the encompassing grounds too.

Soochippara Waterfalls
A three- layered waterfall in Wayanad at Vellarimala is Soochipara Waterfalls. One can enjoy bathing and swimming in it since the water falling from the waterfall forms a large pool below this waterfall. They prove to be a delight to the eyes and tree top huts around the region are there. One of the great waterfalls in Wayanad is Soochippara waterfall which is surrounded by dense green forest. An ideal place for rock climbing is a huge rock, the Sentinel Rock, about 200 m in height. A perfect getaway for relaxed minds and a treat to the eyes is the serene ambience of the waterfalls away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A beautiful experience is the drive to Soochippara itself. The great way to explore the destination and near the waterfalls other wild animals and see deer are nature walks. Enjoy the mesmerize view and surrounding of the waterfalls and tourists love to take a sleepy retreat in this area.

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
An eco- tourist spot is Pakshipathalam which is situated in the Brahmagiri hills of Wayanad district. One of the great places for trekking in Wayanand and one of the famous Wayanad tourist places is Pakshipathalam which is situated at an altitude of 1740 m. The abode of large population of several species of birds is Pakshipathalam. One of the most important bird sanctuaries in Kerala is Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary. There are also some rocks cut caves which one can explore other than the well preserved natural terrain of the sanctuary.
A challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist is Pakshipathalam. It is used to make nest soup of bird and the nest which is made of solidified saliva is there inside the sanctuary. One can find a temple and a watchtower to help the tourists to come and go out of the sanctuary easily within the boundaries of the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary. A favorite amongst campers as well is the sanctuary.

Lakkidi Viewpoint
A high altitude point to get a scenic view of the city is Lakkidi Viewpoint. A small hill station is Lakkidi which is situated at the highest point in the Wayanad district. An experience in itself is the thrill of driving up to the point. A favorite of tourists is Lakkidi which is one of the highest hills of Wayanad perched upon Thamarassery. It is also gives picturesque beauty such as never before with the view of the entirely of Wayanad. Another famous attraction in Lakkidi is Pookote Lake which is apart from Lakkidi Viewpoint. The vantage point which offers majestic perspectives of the encompassing valleys and bluffs visitors frequently stop by View point of Lakkidi. One of the richest biodiversity areas in the Western Ghats is Lakkidi. This place is offers wonderful views of the valleys and cliffs surrounding the region. The major town is the Vythiri is about 5 km away from Lakkidi.

Meenmutty Waterfalls
An amazing falls is Meenmutty Waterfalls which is located near Banasura Sagar Dam. Among the best Wayanad tourist places to visit and one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore are Meenmutty waterfalls. A popular waterfall in the Kerala state is Meenmutty Waterfall. Requires and the toughest some walking through the stream on slippery rocks with help of ropes is the third tier. During rainy and monsoon seasons, this place becomes very dangerous. Smaller one with water collecting into a pool is the lower tier. The nearest attraction that provides the waterfalls fame among the adventure lovers is Banasurasagar Dam. A must visit place to visiting Banasura Sagar Dam for everyone is Meenmutty Waterfalls.

Thirunelly Temple
An ancient temple which was once an important pilgrimage located in the valley is Thirunelli Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. One of the most famous temples in Wayanad and one of the most ancient places of pilgrimage in Kerala is Thirunelly Temple. This temple is surrounded by wonderful forests and mountains which is situated at an altitude of about 900 m. The ruins of two ancient villages can be found in the dense jungles surrounding temple. Brahma installed the idol here are called it Sahyamalak Kshetra with the help of the Devas. An important religious place for the majority of population in South India and one of the most visited pilgrim center in Wayanad is Thirunelli Temple. The temple has been mentioned in several Hindu Scripture which is an architecture marvel. The cave temple Gunnika is on the western side of the temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Neelimala Viewpoint
An amazing viewpoint is Neelimala which is situated at Vaduvanchal in Kerala’s Wayanad district. Neelimala Viewpoint is among the famous Wayanad Tourist places and also one of the great places to go trekking in Kerala. Essentially, captivating alongside a wonderful vision of Meenmutty Falls is the perspective of the valley from the best. Advancing towards the waterway vacationers can see the smooth white streams spouting through the walk from the point. Amidst the whispering leaves will put one at ease instantly, the sounds of the birds chirping and the serene atmosphere.
Here, a popular activity is trekking through the exciting misty trails and soaking in the fresh air to reach the point. Individuals with leg and joint agony should take a legitimate care of themselves which is one should walk a ton to achieve the place. This place offers enchanting and serene environment perfect for a family vacation which makes a best spot to go with your friends and family.


By Road: Well- connected is Wayanad with many nearby destinations in Kerala like Kozhikode, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

By Train: The closest railway station is the Kozhikode railway station which is located at a distance of 110 km to Wayanad. Good connectivity and frequent of train services to Kochi, Bangalore, Trivandrum and Chennai are there.

By Air: The Calicut international airport is the closest airport to Wayanad which is the only airport located at a distance of 93 km from Wayanad. You can hire a local bus or a direct taxi to Wayanad from your arrival at airport.


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